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  1. JoRam sighting. DING DONG. Only had to wait one year for a home run
  2. ReyLo: PPD Hendricks: 3 IP 2 hour delay, done Musgrove: 3 IP 2 hour delay, done Holland: gets first two outs and proceeds to walk 4 guys in a row and blow it. Single handedly torching k:bb over 1 damn out. what a p****
  3. I own him in a 16 team H2H league. I'm not waiting. Guy is criminally underrated. He doesn't strike out boatloads but correct me if I'm wrong, his last CG was 81 pitches.
  4. Just don't forget that up until the all Star break last year he was top 10 in most metrics that have to do with hitting the ball hard.
  5. I'll go Ketel, he's not old or anything.
  6. Likely to lead the league in wins from a reliever. Hasn't allowed a run in a WHILE. Last week? 6IP 1 W 5K's 0era and what 3, 4? Hits. I would imagine if the Dodgers do start him in the playoffs, he'll be starting just in time for your H2H playoffs. Go get him! In the meanwhile you can enjoy a random win or save every other week.
  7. He was a career what, 270 hitter? before he hit 340 last year? What exactly were you expecting besides some regression
  8. If I were you I'd trade for Carlos Martinez in some kind of package deal. He closed last year
  9. I scooped him in a 16 teamer right after Baltimore. Didn't think twice. You need to act on guys like this if you want to win. You need to do it several times a year, and see what sticks. If he hits, he fits and you take the runs and rbi from a 2 slot. Ironically I can run a Ketel/Crawford/Segura infield which feels kinda cool(traded for each other IRL)
  10. Guys that steal and have 25+ power, based on drastic increase in xbh, as well as maybe 20 steals are pretty valuable, especially if they come with a good average. Don't panic. I mean if you can get a top 30ish guy. I won't fault you. If you drafted him you're in valuetown already, trade or not.
  11. You got him with what, pick 300? Or scooped him off free agency? He's been plenty valuable as a reliever for fantasy purposes. What headache?
  12. Pitch counts are for rehab starts in the minors. I can afford to bench him too, I'm not because there's a miniscule chance he gets blown up and the k's and ratios will almost certainly be there. In layman's terms: I'm not a moron begging to lose. Like seriously? Guys got 0 ER and 22 K's in 12 IP before getting hurt. I could get behind what you're saying if rehab starts didn't exist, but that's just not the case.
  13. I'm perfectly okay with a Josh Hader role. I'm perfectly okay with a starter role. He should be on your team regardless of role because he is a lefty with 3 strong offerings and command of them.
  14. The only pitcher I don't fire up every single start on my team is Reynaldo Lopez. Pretty much all of his starts have had some sort of positive, fantasy-wise. Get out.
  15. Im in a 16 teamer where I have him in H2H. Easy start. Maybe he's just one of those guys that gets stronger as the season treads onward. Hold tight.
  16. 15 hits in 4 games. Yeah, that just happened.
  17. Were you really expecting this guy to hit 330 again? Comping him to Trout isn't THAT far-fetched, but come on man.
  18. Finally gonna have a healthy staff with Clevy coming back on Monday... Hendricks inflammation. Annnnd it's gone. Good thing team is built on bats
  19. Never really understood how this guy flies under the radar so much. He's basically Kris Davis against righties, and Mike f'ing Trout against lefties.
  20. According to last year, Lopez did well to start out, and did well in the last two months. Personally I don't think weather has to do with much... Wear some under armor.
  21. Lopez threw a 6k 2bb 2hit game in 7.2ip. Granted CLE. He torched me early and against BOS, and he'll continue to torch me once a month just like my girlfriend.
  22. What in the tom-puckery is this sorcery swap: player A 2018: 281 ABs 38-7-43-299-406 Player B 2018 450 Abs 59-21-66-240-298 Player A 2019 114 ABs 15-9-21-237-315 Player B 2019 130 ABs 23-1-14-300-383 Player A is Jesse Winker Player B is Rafael Devers I give up!!!
  23. Only draft him in h2h. He mashes in september
  24. I'm starting tomorrow in a 16 team H2H league. Might get torched, oh well. What I meant is that his stuff plays against any lineup... If he has control/command
  25. Lopez isn't really matchup dependant. He either has his stuff, or he doesn't. There is a ton of upside here. Just be forewarned: there's gonna be days where he walks 5 guys, and there's gonna be days where he k's 10. Might even be the same day.