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  1. I’m interested and from Maryland. send me over the questions.
  2. Stay put. As much as Manny is overrated, Jose is done. Was taking steroids for a little while there and then had to stop taking them just over a year ago when a story broke about him being a steroids user. Ever sense then he hasn’t hit. It’s not just this season, the last few months of last year he couldn’t hit either. Trade manny but not for him. Also, you seem to have plenty of pitching but Giolito would be my vote if you do the trade.
  3. I’d be interested in seeing the rest of the teams if possible. I’d be interested in team with manny and Bryce. Thanks
  4. I’d be interested and have a friend that would as well. I also don’t like auction, would love a slow draft as we have time. Let me know