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  1. still looking for the last owner....if you want to get drafting right now, we are ready!
  2. this may be perfect for you, we need one more!
  3. nearly the setup you guys are after, but buy in a little steeper (still less than $2 a day when you think about it!)
  4. We are just about set to begin our draft, we need just 1 more owner to get started. We have a great group together so far and are looking to make this a long term thing with lots of activity! Please message, reply, or email with your interest and I'll get you set up! Looking forward to baseball! A crazy amount of detail on the league is below. DESCRIPTION SETTING League Name Inglorious Bashers League URL League E-mail Address Teams 16 Divisions 4 ROSTER LIMITS STATUS MIN MAX Active Players 19 19 Reserve Players 0 12 Injured Players 0 5 Minors Players 0 18 Total Players 19 54 POSITION ACTIVE MIN ACTIVE MAX ROSTER TOTAL C 1 1 No Limit 1B 1 1 No Limit 2B 1 1 No Limit 3B 1 1 No Limit SS 1 1 No Limit LF 1 No Limit CF 1 No Limit RF 1 No Limit U 1 1 No Limit SP 5 5 No Limit RP 5 5 No Limit EXTRA ROSTER SETTINGS Injured players do not count against positional roster limits. Minor league players do not count against positional roster limits. TRANSACTION SETTINGS DESCRIPTION SETTING Lineup Policy Owners may set lineups and change players' positions from a list of their eligible positions. Lineup Deadline Lineups may be set daily for each player up to 5 minutes prior to the first game of the day for that player. Add/Drop Policy Add/drops will process immediately. Trade Policy Trades must be approved by the commissioner. Offseason Trades Owners may make trades during the offseason. PLAYER POLICIES DESCRIPTION SETTING Player Eligibility Players are eligible at their primary position, plus positions they've played 10 games last year or 10 games this year. SP Pitcher Eligibility Pitchers gain eligibility at Starting Pitcher with 10 starts last year or 5 starts this year. RP Pitcher Eligibility Pitchers gain eligibility at Relief Pitcher with 10 relief appearances last year or 5 relief appearances this year. Player Pool AL and NL Players. FEES SETTINGS DESCRIPTION SETTING COMMISH MESSAGE Decision Panel: East = Corey Persky North - Al Glossian South - Jan Deitrich West - Jeremy Miller Paid (Leaguesafe) 1.Mario C 2.Robert C 3.Josh V 4.Jan D 5.Jared S 6.Matt H 7.Josh J 8.Thomas D 9.Al G 10. Andrew / Rory $250 11.Jeremy M 12.Tyler H 13. Kenneth K 14. Dave S DRAFT SETTINGS VISIT DRAFT MANAGEMENT IN THE COMMISH TOOLS WHEN YOU ARE READY TO SET UP YOUR DRAFT. DESCRIPTION SETTING Draft Format Your draft has not been set up. SCORING SYSTEM BATTING NAME SETTINGS BA Batting Average BB Walks (Batters) HR Home Runs OPS On Base plus Slugging Pct R Runs RBI Runs Batted In SB Stolen Bases TB Total Bases PITCHING NAME SETTINGS ERA Earned Run Average HD Holds K Strikeouts (Pitcher) OUTS Outs QS Quality Starts S Saves W Wins WHIP Walks + Hits / Inning SCORING POLICIES DESCRIPTION SETTING Scoring System Head-to-Head, Each Categories Scoring per Period Scoring based on total stats each period. SCHEDULE & PLAYOFFS DESCRIPTION SETTING Period Length Weekly scoring periods, starting on Mondays Periods Start Monday Season Starts Thu, Mar 29, 2018 Matchups Per Period 1 Playoffs Start Period 25 Playoffs Last 3 Periods Automatic Playoffs No Archive Standings No Playoffs Matchup Tiebreaker Playoff ties go to the team with better H. CONSTITUTION CBS PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: We use whatever CBS player eligibility they determine for each player. If your player has for example, SP/RP eligibility that player can be plugged in as either a SP or RP until CBS changes the players eligibility. If player has LF/RF eligibility the player can be plugged in at either position. PLAYERS NOT IN THE CBS SYSTEM: These players CAN ONLY BE DRAFTED. A player card will be made until CBS lists them. MINOR LEAGUE PLAYERS: The only players who may be put in Minor League spots are players who have 200 or fewer career AB’s or 100 or fewer career innings pitched. The player may be brought up and sent back down as many times as you desire before he hits qualifications. Once the player hits the above qualifications the player MUST be moved out of minors status to active / reserve. If the player gets sent back down to the minors at some point in time and has exceeded the 200/100 qualifications, you may also put the player back into minors status. DECISION PANEL: We want a fair and balanced league, and want to avoid any deals that are severely unbalanced. If a trade or other issue is deemed questionable either by commissioner, co-commish, or 3 league GMs, it will go to the decision panel as a vetoing authority. To veto, the decision must be unanimous amongst the panel. Any decision panel member must recuse himself if he is involved in the issue in question. The commissioner, and then co-commissioner if needed will step in as the 4th member in this situation. MONEY: Total Pot: $8,000-$150(Cost of league from CBS) =$7,850 (Cost of league from CBS) Each Wild Card WInner (4): $250 ($1,000 Total) Each Regular Season Division Winner (4): $500 ($2,000 Total) Each Team that reaches the Semi-Finals (4) $500 ($2,000 Total) Loser of World Series (2nd Place): $500 World Series Champion: $2,350 DRAFT ORDER The draft order will be set by Regular Season record for the non playoff teams. For playoff teams it will be set based on your finish in the playoffs with the Champion picking 16th. Consolation games will be set up between the playoff losers with the winner of each game getting the higher (better) pick. PROSPECT DRAFTS Each year we will have a 3 round slow draft (Non-Snake) sometime after major league baseball rookie signing deadline (3/1 or so). The order of this draft will be the set by the above DRAFT ORDER methods based on the previous season. So worst team from previous year picks first, best team picks last. The total number of minors slots on each team will remain the same, so owners will have to make a decision whether as to keep the player they picked and drop another minor from their roster. The players we are allowed to draft each season are any first year players signed since the previous year's Inglorious Bashers draft, MLB Entry-draft, and international signees with no service time. PROSPECT DRAFT PICKS: These picks can be traded ( 3 rounds of picks each season). We can only trade these draft picks ONE year in advance, and your next year fee must be paid to prevent any teams from selling out. TRADE DEADLINE: Each season the trade deadline will be July 31st. OFF-SEASON TRADES: After the season is over, the trading option will RE-OPEN January 1, draft picks are also allowed to be traded. Only one year in advance. IN-SEASON ADD/DROPS: Adding players is allowed during the season. 3 player add MAX during season each week. . OFF-SEASON ADD/ DROPS CBS will open add/drops after the Inglorious Bashers MiLB draft takes place. Waiver Order will be the same as the 1st Year Player Draft. TRADE APPROVALS: EVERY trade agreed upon will be sent to the commissioners office for approval. One of the most fun things about fantasy sports is trading and the commissioner will not discourage trading. Thus unless a trade is just absolutely ridiculous, trades will be approved by the Commissioner. In the event the commissioner finds that a trade is just too lopsided to approve the commissioner may, at his discretion, put the deal to the DECISION PANEL. Every effort will be made to keep trading flowing and not hinder deals. IR/DL: Only Players that are actually on the MLB DL can be put in an IR roster spot. As soon as a player comes off the MLB DL a player must also be removed from a teams IR roster spot. Once the season ends, all players must be removed from any IR roster spots. No players are to be in IR/DL spots in the off season. Players that are suspended, on bereavement leave, birth of child, etc are permitted for DL use. PLAYOFF FORMAT: 8 teams make the playoffs Division winners are locked in (2 division winners per East/West & North/South league) Each league (North/South & East/West) will also both have 2 wild card teams that make the playoffs- The Wild card criteria is determined by the 2 best teams in each league after the Division winners are locked in. Round 1 of playoffs: 8 Teams 4 North/South League teams and 4 East/West League teams. Division winners are locked in at #1 and #2 seeds in both leagues (The seeding of these 2 teams is done via the tiebreaker) and 2 wild card teams are #3 and #4 seeds. #1 seed vs #4 seed #2 seed vs #3 seed. This is for both North/South and East/West league. Round 2: the 2 winners in each league play each other - 4 teams Round 3: East/West Champion vs North/South Champion LEAGUE AWARDS: As you know in the CBS leagues they have a History area to keep track of all league " history". Team records, etc etc. In this section we'll be tracking specific awards each season . Some awards will be the common, league champion, North/South and East/West pennant winners, division winners of their respective divisions. Also will be adding in some more awards such as Silver Slugger award going to the team with the most scored offensive points and CY Young award going to the team with the most pitching points. In addition, we'll be adding a " GM of the Year" award which be a voting process of the league owners to anoint the best GM in that particular year. Awards: Legends Champions AL Champion NL Champion 4 Division winners Silver Slugger CY Young GM of the Year ILLEGAL ROSTER POLICY If you put a player in the Minors illegally like that player will be suspended for a week and you will forfeit the categories that the player contributes too (example: Justin Verlander in the minors would forfeit all pitching categories). DL slots - Once a player comes off the DL you have 1 week to put him back in your active lineup (I will remind you when this happens as well), failure to do so will be a one week suspension of that player and forfeiture of categories. Players losing MiLB status - same as DL slots, you will have one week to get the player who lost the MiLB status in your active lineup, I will also remind you prior to the week ending. If you fail to do so that player will be suspended for one week and forfeiture of categories. Basically you will have time to get your injured and MiLB players active in the lineup, the only time their will be a penalty is when you are using players that are clearly not part of the minor league status, regardless if you have less people than the allowed number of players. Starting Week 3 this rule will be enforced. PLAYOFF TIE BREAKER: Extract each teams totals for each scoring category throughout the season and putting them side by side. You apply a 1 to the team that won, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd and so on. You do that for the 7 offensive and pitching categories and it gives each team a ranking. The lower the number the better. The team from the tied matchup with the lowest number when comparing how they did across all statistical categories advances. This is better than Regular Season record even because it takes the schedule bias out of it. It's a true comparison of who the best team in this league is over the long term that year. Same spreadsheet used to give the award for Team Cy Young and Team Batting Title. I will volunteer to make it and send it out as it's easily extracted from CBS. The two teams, if both agree, may also play out the last week of the season to determine the champ. VOTING: We only need 10 votes to make a quorum and 8 of those 10 in agreement to enact a change. Seven or fewer votes a there won't be a change.
  5. One more owner and we start slow drafting right away!
  6. looking for a 16th, we had a player bow out at draft! We are ready to go, everyone is paid up!
  7. still looking for a great active player to add for #16. Sent invites to these folks but no reply! We have a strong group and ready to get started drafting Monday if we can get the few last payments.
  8. awesome, sent you an invite, but didnt see any reply or that you joined! Come on in!