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  1. SP Sleepers

    My draft is in 3 weeks, so I'm just going over final preparations. I wanted to see who people have as SP sleepers (after pick 200) . I'll start: Tanner Roark (250ADP) - Pitches for the best team in a weak division. In the second half: 3.75 FIP 51.1 GB % 25% Hard contact. He also posted the best SwStr% of his career (10.1). He's not going to carry you by any means but I could see a solid 15 W 3.50 1.25 7.5 K/9 over 180 IP He's had 2 FULL seasons of sub 3 era, granted he really outperformed his FIP, but they happened nonetheless. Who's your favorite SP sleeper this season?
  2. Quintana or Keuchel?

    I'm really struggling with this one. Both play for great teams, obvious slight edge to Astros. Quintana was great in the second half when he was traded to the Cubs: 10.46 K/9 2.24 BB/9 3.25 FIP He's as much of a lock for 180+ IP as they come. Keuchel in the first half when he was healthy: 8.21 K/9 2.14 BB/9 3.12 FIP 67.4 GB% 20.6% Hard Contact (fantastic combo to have) He's a former CY Young winner playing for a contract. Does anyone have a concrete answer of who they would choose?
  3. Quintana or Keuchel?

    Who would you rather have for the 2018 season?
  4. In support of Rhys Hoskins

    This statement has really stuck with me. I've been contemplating it for the past few days and I came to an important conclusion... I was taking too much risk with my keepers and needed to clean it up. I ended up getting in touch with the other owner after I had already purchased JoRam for Kechuel and a 1st and 2nd round picks but since I was so hyping Hoskins at the time and denied him originally for a JoRam/Hoskins trade, he really bought in big and I ended up trading Hoskins along with a 4th, 5th and 6th round picks for Keuchel and 3 1st round picks. Now I've got 25% of the first round (7th round value) picks! I'm really digging Keuchel at the moment for dark horse CY Young candidate I still like Hoskins (especially in my OBP/SLG, keep-forever league) but he could struggle and 2018 could be a learning season. It's not good to paying full-price for a young, unproven hitter's ceiling.
  5. What do you guys think of Keuchel going into the 2018 season? He's currently the 17-22 SP off the board. He's playing for one of the best teams in baseball, playing for a contract, still possesses that killer GB rate. I can see him being a dark horse for CY young this year.
  6. Rhys Hoskins 2018 Outlook

    Wow that's a damn good piece of writing! I gotta admit, I pooped my pants a little reading it. I mean, Hoskins can adjust to this....right? You can't have a .900 OPS through 1900 PA in the minors and not make adjustments. Why aren't the pitchers just throwing him 100% off-speed stuff if he sucks so bad?
  7. Rankings dependent on price: 1) Nola 2) Quintana 3) Paxton 4) Ray Quintana and Paxton are close for me.
  8. In support of Rhys Hoskins

    The Bryant trade never would have went through, I just wanted to hear what made him so good (I was really underwhelmed with his power output in 2017) but I understand his track record boosts him significantly. Schwarber had worse contact skills and only played a 1/3 the amount of games Hoskins did but I get your point, Hoskins could still flop, he 's not as much of a lock as Jose Ramirez is. I ended up trading Keuchel and the picks for Ramirez. I just couldn't bring myself to give up Hoskins and that delicious OBP/SLG ceiling but I completely understand why technically it would have been the smarter choice. The league is pretty shallow and I'm confident I will be able to use the wire well. There are always guys who emerge and I'll be paying close attention. I really appreciate your input and time for talking with me. This is exactly why I joined this forum!
  9. In support of Rhys Hoskins

    If we're talking 12 teams mixed, I have no problem taking him in the 5th round, possibly even the 4th. I would go as early as the 3rd round in dynasty or keeper leagues, especially if they include OBP/SLG/OPS.
  10. The point of this post is to show my support for the emerging superstar known as Rhys Hoskins. I understand that I may be the biggest Hoskins fan on this forum and some of you think he's a dime a dozen, but let me tell you, this guy is on the verge of becoming a fantasy staple for your team. Hoskins will be an absolute monster in OBP/OPS/SLG leagues for years to come. 2015-2017: BB% wRC+ wOBA A 9% 161 .418 A+ 10.5% 174 .421 AA 12.1% 159 .414 AAA 13.5% 166 .419 MLB 17.5% 158 .417 doing this while maintaining a K rate between 17-22%. Obviously last year was a SSS but the guy is legit. His plate discipline, contact skills and massive power, FB%, hard%, SwStr% look eerily similar to another player....Jose Bautista when he was in his prime. Some people will point out how he struggled in September with his 26.7K% and .220 AVG, the guy still put up a 133 wRC+, .897 OPS and .379 wOBA. That's him "struggling". Get him while you still can.
  11. Is Jose Ramirez worth it?

    I totally agree. I had a thought though, it may be crazy. What if did option 2 and then when I am able to draft I just go SUPER heavy on relief pitching and get SPs late (Snell, Porcello, Corbin, Bauer types) and just hit my 28 minimum innings per week? I could also stream favorable SP matchups.
  12. Hey guys, I just want to get your suggestions about who to keep and possibly on how I should move forward. I'm in a 12 team mixed, H2H, 7x7 (OBP, SLG, L, Hlds along with the normal 5x5 categories). We can keep (forever) 4-6 players, if you choose to keep less than 6 you get a supplemental pick(s) in the middle of the "1st" round (7th round talent because most teams keep 6) My Keepers as of right now: C- Gary Sanchez 1st- Cody Bellinger 2nd- SS- Fransisco Lindor 3rd- LF- Rhys Hoskins CF- RF- Aaron Judge UTIL- SP- Dallas Keuchel I have 3 options: 1) Stay with what I have 2) Trade Keuchel and my 1st and 2nd picks (7th and 8th round value players) for Jose Ramirez and his 10th and 11th picks (16t and 17th value) 3) Trade Hoskins straight up for Jose Ramirez Thoughts: Option 2 looks really appealing to me right now. I know giving up some picks stinks but I think I can make up for it riding the waiver wire, the league isn't deep. Jose Ramirez is super safe but in this league there will be a TON of 2nd basemen at the back end of the draft (Kinsler is one I have my eye on, maybe I can get Albies in the middle rounds). 3rd base is deep too ( I could get Beltre or something). LF is not that strong in my opinion. I know some of you are down on Hoskins but I'm a big believer in this guy, I think he will be a monster for years to come, especially in this league that counts OBP and SLG...MONSTER! Should I just hold Keuchel? I'm pretty optimistic about his 2018 season, with that team behind him and the fact he's pitching for a contract. I love Jose Ramirez and he's still so young and has so many great years left. Obviously without Keuchel I have 0 pitching but SP is deep. What do you guys think?
  13. Help with keepers please?

    Olson over Sano, Sano's plate approach hasn't changed or improved since he came up, his 2016 season may be more real then people realize