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  1. "Aaron Boone told reporters before Friday's game with the Blue Jays that Giancarlo Stanton (knee) "isn't close" to returning to baseball activities." Good god has this guy been disappointing this year
  2. Yeah Monday @NYY ughhhhh what to do? Last time he was DESTROYED at Yankee Stadium, but the start before that he was very good at Yankee Stadium...
  3. 12 mixed, H2H 7x7 (R, RBI, HR, SB, AVG, OBP, SLG)..... league favors power and BBs I currently have Cano at 2nd which has been a disaster because he's old and all his power is gone. I could trade for dj lemahieu but it will cost me some decent 2020 draft picks (but I have all my draft picks currently). I could pick up Brian Dozier, who has been much better the past 5-6 weeks, really lowering his K% and showing off power Other than that, it's like Howie Kendrick, Cavan Biggio, Sogard and Kipnis on the wire Luis Urias and Huira have been rostered since April so they're not available.....any suggestions?
  4. Debating who to cut loose for a trio I'm about to get (Hand/Diaz/CMart) Which 3 to cut? Liam Hendricks Hansel Robles Luke Jackson H Neris Scott Oberg M Lorenzen I'm guessing I should cut Lorenzen, Oberg annnddd.....? Robles? He has the weakest K%, pretty bad XFIP and SwStr%.. love Oberg but I'm not sure how the Rockies will use him going forward...which 3 would you drop?
  5. I don't think your pitching can take the hit tbh
  6. Is he someone on the verge of breaking out if traded to the right team or is he more of a 4.00ERA/1.25WHIP type of SP? Debating whether or not to trade Sonny Gray for him...
  7. 14.6 SwStr%...30.1K% pretty awesome, should be able to rack up the QS's but yeah you probably can't afford to get ride of Yates at this point.
  8. Hey guys, with a lot of potential movement soon, how would you rank these RPs? About to make a trade and deciding which 3 are the best... Hand (clearly the best) Diaz (bad results but still elite sabermetrics) Ken Giles (great results and sabermetrics match but could be traded as a set-up guy, or if to the the #4 RP) Carlos Martinez (the closer but will he keep the job? Cards could trade for a legit closer) Eovaldi (hyped to hell right now but still is coming back from an elbow injury and already had a biceps setback but Sox closer could gobble up SVs)
  9. Dude you never know, Giolito has scuffled a little bit the past month but he could end up being a top 10 SP by the end of the year...even if you don't keep him you could trade him for picks or something in the offseason. Treinen sucks and is out of a job...there must be other RPs available
  10. I would normally say yes, give me Giolito but your SP is fairly stacked and you only have 2 bullpen pitchers. Who could you pick up to slide into your other RP slot? Giolito could end up being a keeper, Yates (or any closer) should never be a keeper, so you gotta keep that in mind. Please give me some input if you can:
  11. Well Murphy should have a nice 2nd half (hopefully) because Gurriel isn't good for a 10 team-mixed (imo). You definitely need to improve your starting pitching, you need like another top 25 arm, or 2 top 40 arms...ditch some of your bench hitter and load up on SP, especially since we don't know how Carrasco will be when/if he returns....just my 2 cents Please give me some input if you can:
  12. Does anyone have any input or advice on this situation? I'm guessing everyone is a fan of Snell, Bieber and Wheeler but are Diaz and Hand the best options for relievers?
  13. but my offense is already good (R RBI HR SB AVG OBP SLG) C- Gary Sanchez 1st- Olson 2nd- D Murphy 3rd- J Turner SS- Seager OF- Bradley jr OF- Pham OF- Judge UTIL- Puig DL- Stanton (will replace Bradley jr)
  14. Hey guys, I'm about to make a deal where I acquire some major pitching help. (W L ERA WHIP K SV HLD) Current rotation: Bullpen (5 slots for RP but I have a SP/RP to allow 6 bullpen guys) G Cole Liam Hendricks (SP/RP) Clevenger Luke Jackson Giolito Scott Oberg D German H Neris Maeda M Lorenzen S Gray H Robles Yu Darvish I have an opportunity to acquire more pitching (from a team that is selling)....players available: Snell, Bieber, Wheeler E Diaz, Hand, Giles, C Martinez (SP/RP), Eovaldi (SP/RP) I can take all 8 players if I want (but the picks I give up will be more obviously). My question is, who should I drop to acquire some/all of these players? I was thinking of dropping S Gray, Darvish, Oberg, Lorenzen, Robles, Jackson for Snell, Bieber, Wheeler, E Diaz, Hand, C Martinez...(not adding Eovaldi or Giles....but I could if I want) Did I drop the correct players? Do you prefer some of his players over the ones I've chosen (C Martinez > Giles)? Do you prefer some of my players (Luke Jackson > C Martinez) to the players I would acquire? Thanks for any input guys
  15. This guy in for a big 2nd half? Thinking about buying low on Murphy..
  16. He got Gary'd! Sanchino at it again! Destroying careers!
  17. Thanks for your input. I would definitely drop Pivetta for Gallen, no doubt (I really dislike Pivetta) as for Didi or Donaldson, that's tough. I think I would go Donaldson
  18. Hey guys, I have Gallen in my NA spot but now he's been promoted I need to ditch a current SP for him. H2H 12 team-mixed W, L, ERA, WHIP, K Current rotation: G Cole Giolito Clevenger Hamels Maeda Yu Darvish Sonny Gray JA Happ DL - D German So the choice is I can drop Gray or Happ for Gallen. Gray's saber-metrics are superior to Happ's but Happ (despite being pretty bad) is still 7-3 because of that lineup and bullpen, while Gray is 3-5. Gallen is on the awful Marlins but has a high ceiling, and could end up being a keeper (get to keep 6). Who should I drop? Thanks for any input
  19. Can the Dodgers please put him on the IL so I can pick up a replacement?!?! WTF is taking so long??
  20. Anyone buying into a strong return from Cano for the ROS? I liked him coming into the season but he's been dreadful.
  21. Well it all depends, if you need pitching now, Anibal could be a decent option for the next month or 2. If you can wait, take Gallen, obviously he possesses the highest upside. If you need SVs, Robles is a decent option, he seems to have a grasp on the closer-slot for the Angels. Honestly I prefer B Reynolds over Robles at this point, especially since you don't have keepers. Please help me:
  22. Luckily I can pick up Andrus or Dejong...who would you rather have ROS?
  23. (Brian)Dozier is really starting to heat up but Cano is the better career player. I could see either one of them having a nice 2nd half. Who would you rather have ROS?