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  1. Machado for Judge WHIR

    Judge by a sizable margin
  2. Machado or Stanton

    In a keep forever league that counts OBP and SLG on top on the normal 5 offensive categories? I have Stanton currently and was offered Machado straight up. Normally you would jump all over this, especially since Stanton is 2.5 years older than Machado. But remember the extra categories are OBP and SLG, which favors Stanton. If Machado ends up on the Yankees, Phillies, or even ChiSox, he will retain his value (if not go up). If he ends up on the Padres, his stock goes down pretty significantly. What are your thoughts? Thanks
  3. Jesse Winker 2019 Outlook

    Sportsfreak brought up a good point with his previous comment about his struggles vs lefties. Granted SSS (57AB) his hard-contact% plummeted, soft-contact% skyrocketed, GBs shot way up, K% went up 7.5% (although still good at 19.7)...still taking mad BBs though (16.9%) and had a .244 BABIP.
  4. Machado or Stanton

    I get to keep 6 Gary Sanchez Jose Ramirez Corey Seager Giancarlo Stanton Aaron Judge Gerrit Cole (odd man out: Tommy Pham) I was offered Machado straight up for Stanton but he also said I could get get Machado and Verlander for Stanton and my 2rd round pick (8th round value) but I would need to throw Gary Sanchez back into the pool and hope he's there for my 1st round (7th round value) pick (5th pick of the overall draft).
  5. The big man's first season in NY was deemed a disappointment. While it was certainly down from his monster 59 HR, 1.007 OPS season he put up in 2017, it was still a very solid season. Does he rebound to .280 45+ HR 120 RBI .950 OPS? When you look at his career, it's hard not to see 2017 as a clear outlier. But when you look at that Yankee lineup, in that stadium, after a year of getting accommodated to his new situation, it's hard not to dream.
  6. Aaron Hicks 2019 Outlook

    Is this guy gonna lead off? Huge year if he does and stays healthy.
  7. Giancarlo Stanton 2019 Outlook

    I hear you guys about his contact issues, but saying he struggles against elite pitching isn't exactly correct... Career vs: Strasburg 48AB 1.088 OPS DeGrom 27AB 1.234 OPS Halladay 23AB 1.016 OPS Cliff Lee 20AB 1.035 OPS Bumgarner 19AB 1.677 OPS I am worried about his struggles at home AND his .400 BABIP on the road which will regress. I still believe that when he gets into a hot streak, not much can stop him
  8. Jose Ramirez 2019 Outlook

    I didn't say these things, I just posted it from another website because I thought it was interesting hearing the other side of the conversation. I'm a JoRam dynasty owner, just looking to cover all my bases because his second half stunk and this new Indians lineup looks like garbage.
  9. Can we please get some love for this guy? He is being completely disrespected heading into the 2019 season. Yes, 2018 was full of injuries that required surgery. Yes, it hurt/killed many fantasy seasons, including mine! Seager has been completely forgotten about and written off. He's still very young (24) and has shown so much success already at the major league level. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/dodgers-corey-seager-continues-smooth-recovery/ He's on pace for opening day, granted it's still too early to tell perfectly. I see a huge buying opportunity here. I've seen him go only as high as 50 and low as 90 in early mocks. We're talking about a guy who could easily be top 30 player or higher. I'm absolutely in love with his offensive skills. Let's look at his 1528 career Plate Appearances: walks 9.6% K's 19.6% BABIP .352 The BABIP is high because he hits frozen ropes 24.6% Line-drive with a 41.6% Hard-contact to all fields 36.9% Pull 35.8% Center 27.4% Oppo My league counts both OBP and SLG as extra offensive categories, which makes Seager even more appealing. He should be a .300+ hitter with a .900 OPS with mid-20 HR power. If he can turn some of those GBs (45%) into FBs( 30.4%) and keep his elite line-drive rate in the process, watch out for this future MVP. Friggin' love Seager
  10. Jonathan Villar 2019 Outlook

    Hampson? I just don't like these types of players. I don't care about steals, but if you're in 5x5 I understand steals matter more.
  11. Jonathan Villar 2019 Outlook

    I hear that. Villar is more valuable in 5x5 leagues. It's just I play 7x7 and Villar is not good in OBP or SLG
  12. To keep Lindor, or not to keep Lindor

    Throw Lindor back. We were already looking at regression in both HRs and SBs from his 2018 season. Now with the calf injury, missing time, who knows if he will run when he returns, lineup stinks, count me out
  13. Jonathan Villar 2019 Outlook

    Looks about right, I'd even say bump up the SBs. I'm still not buying though, someone will like him more than me. Can't stand players who only get 40 rbi on the season
  14. Jose Ramirez 2019 Outlook

    Found this in the comment section on Razzball, the poster made some interesting points... "Not to sound heightest, but he is short. He has low bat speed. He has low EV. He has bad HR distance. Last year was a perfect storm. When you add to it that he is short and stocky, you seem to get an Altuve vibe without the batting average. Short guys who carry excess weight put a lot of pressure on their knees, and he is slow to begin with. Don’t believe me? Ask statcast. He is surrounded by catchers. Literally. His sprint speed tier has 4 catchers: John Ryan Murphy, Austin Barnes, and Romine and Contreras. Some of the names ahead of him, Bote, Gallo, Brad Miller, Conforto. Danny Jansen is nearly 100 spots ahead of him! I feel like I am preaching to the choir, but if you watch him run he is not fast. He is quick, fast twitch. I owned him nearly everywhere in 17, and a lot of places in 2018, but when you see a guy who isn’t actually fast, and doesn’t really have a lot of power getting drafted 3rd overall you run for the hills. Guys like Judge can miss a ball and hit a home run. JRam literally has to get all of it. I don’t buy his power, I don’t buy the uptake in stolen bases/ success rate."
  15. Jose Ramirez 2019 Outlook

    Is he even going to be pitched to? This lineup is borderline dreadful right now with Lindor out of it. Shame they can't sign Harper, it work be absolutely perfect for them. Also, I wonder if he will "press" when the seasons begins, because he's gonna have to carry this offense
  16. How old are you?

    Just curious to see what the average age is
  17. Jesus Aguilar 2019 Outlook

    Oh hell yeah dude, that's a complete steal
  18. Jesus Aguilar 2019 Outlook

    I hear ya, it's just I play in a OPS league and his .760 OPS in the 2nd half was no good, also he had a 101 wRc+
  19. Jesus Aguilar 2019 Outlook

    I agree. I used the word outlier incorrectly, I just think it was his peak season. 260 30 100 I could definitely see. Just shave about 10% off what he did this season.
  20. Bregman or JoRam?

    In a keep forever league that counts OBP and SLG on top on the normal 5 offensive categories. Normally the answer would be JoRam but this league doesn't value speed that much. I like the Astros lineup a lot more than the Indians lineup. JoRam has fantastic plate skills but so does Bregman. Who would you rather keep forever?
  21. Bregman or JoRam?

    I'm still able to pull the trigger on this deal, and I think I would prefer Bregman at this point. Bregman is still recovering from cleanup shoulder surgery, but he's already swinging a bat. I'm really worried about JoRam and that Indians lineup. Now that Lindor is out and even when he returns, who knows how effective he will be. JoRam is alone in that lineup (other than a mediocre Santana). Anyone share the same thoughts or am I still discounting JoRam too much?
  22. Jesus Aguilar 2019 Outlook

    Damn man I don't want to believe due to late bloomers scaring me. Common sense says last year was his outlier season, but he had the Hard contact%, FB%, LD% to mostly back up his season. BABIP and HR/FB% were normal too. I think he still gets 550-600 PAs One concerning thing is that it's been 2 years in a row where his 2nd half was considerably worst than his first. Maybe a case of draft and and then trade in June?
  23. Francisco Lindor 2019 Outlook

    He had a 63% successful SB rate in the 2nd half (12 SB 19 Attempts), 1.2 BsR on the year Last year was the outlier year (25 SB). If he were able to be healthy to start the 2019 season, I would say he would get about 16-19 SBs, but with this injury I will say 12-15 Mediocre base stealing skills and now this calf injury, I think we need to temper out speed expectations from Lindor
  24. Jesse Winker 2019 Outlook

    Winker 4 Prez 2020
  25. Alex Bregman 2019 Outlook

    What if this clean up surgery actually makes him better? You can see his hard contact% went down the final 2 months despite putting up a 163wRC+ I'm seriously thinking about trading JoRam for this guy in a keep forever league