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  1. im in i'll take the last team. please sent me an invite to jrgmelendez@hotmail.com. Thanks
  2. This is the worse advertising ever! lol How about a link to see the rosters, Price and where are you running the league? SMH
  3. Commish shouldnt charge anything, if he does he is a thief and tun away from that league.
  4. I don't know if I would pay $1000, but im sure I would never play in a free league, seriously what's the point? That "we love the game and we are hardcore" crap its lame and stupid.
  5. im in please sent me the invite to jrgmelendez@hotmail.com thanks
  6. the draft is on a sunday nite at 11 pm? its that correct? lol
  7. please sent me info to Jrgmelendez@hotmail.com thanks
  8. interested to take on the last team. Please email at jrgmelendez@hotmail.com