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  1. New H2H League. Respond here or email ev_ritz@yahoo.com if interested 14 Team league; Dynasty/Keeper league 6x6/7x7 cats league $50 buy in
  2. Interested in a H2H, dynasty/keeper? new league, new draft. 6x6 or 7x7 cats.
  3. Looking for keeper/dynasty league

    interested in a h2h, keeper/dynasty league?
  4. Yahoo and ESPN

    Yahoo this friday
  5. If I start a H2H league would you be interested?
  6. 2 guys looking for Keeper/Dynasty h2h league for new draft this year. no more than $50. if league is more than 50 please don't hit me up.
  7. Nevermind. change of plans no league. thanks k bye
  8. Greetings Baseball Enthusiasts, In need of 9 more teams for a 14 team league. Leave a message or DM me if you want to join. Looking for a co-commissioner, too. I am creating a Roto league on ESPN or Yahoo. Rosters will include 12 minor league players and 25 MLB players; both drafts (minors will be a slow draft) will be on couch manager. $ will be done on Leaguesafe : $25 per team League Names : City, Team Name (ex.: Carson City Cumber-buns) Roster includes: MLB: C, 1b, 2b, 3b, SS, (3) OF, (2) Utility, 2 SP, 1 RP, (7) Pitcher position, 5 Bench Players, 2 DL available Minors: 12 spots Any Offensive player with 150 career AB qualifies as MLB only Any Pitcher with 50 career IP Qualifies as MLB only Daily Lineup Adjustment No Limit on transactions Trade deadline TBD - late in season Trade veto requires 50% vote, not including teams involved GroupMe or email thread for group convos Offseason trading available after Playoffs Teams not in playoffs may not add/drop players during the playoffs Payout: 1st: 75% 2nd: ~15% 3rd: 10%
  9. Looking for Dynasty Roto $$ League

    me and a friend too, except looking for $25-50 for a league. So if you're cool with less money for league, I was considering starting a new league unless someone else has some openings.
  10. 2 Dudes looking to join a new (or this year only re-drafting) Dynasty Baseball League that is Roto only and no salary cap, low number of MiLB, and no more than a $50 entry. email ev_ritz@yahoo
  11. New Fantrax Dynasty league

    im out on roto.
  12. New Fantrax Dynasty league

    Me +1 are interested. Keep posted..
  13. New Fantrax Dynasty league

    cats/points? roto?
  14. ev_ritz@yahoo.com A friend and I are both interested! He wouldn't want to be a commish. I would be co-commish if you cant find anyone else, but I wouldnt want all the reigns.
  15. Me and another dude are in. Ev_ritz@yahoo.com