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  1. Id join
  2. $50 (LS) ESPN 6x6 ROTO looking to draft tonight (3/25)

    Emails sent. Need 8 more
  3. $50 6x6 ROTO re-draft on Fantrax (Draft 3/25)

    Bump (looking for 12 teams btw)
  4. Draft is Sunday night at 8PM EST. OPS, AVG, R, RBI, HR, SB QS, W, ERA, WHIP, K, SV+HD FAAB ($100 to play with) 25 total roster spots LINK TO JOIN:
  5. 1 spot left then we will begin the draft
  6. 3 spots left, must join and pay today for the draft to start this afternoon
  7. 1 spot left...draft starts as soon as everyone has paid up.
  8. Random for the initial, then determined by record in future seasons.
  9. Keep as many as you want. There will be a 5 round draft each year for all new international prospects and the previous years draft picks (as well as any other free agents by years end). I’ve been commisioner of a lot of year to year leagues, and co-commisioner of a dynasty league but was interested in starting up my own dynasty league.
  10. Halfway filled, 8 spots left