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  1. NEW
    ELITE KEEPER LEAGUE - Fantrax, $50, 13/16 spots filled!!
    Draft date is Sep 30 @ 10:00 PM EST
    16 Teams, Snake Draft, Fantrax Premium, Keep 5, H2H
    Team Size: 23 (17 active, 6 bench)Positions: C(3), LW(3), RW(3), D(6), G(2), BN(6), IR(3)
    Skaters: G, A, SOG, STP, Takeaways, FOW, Hits, Blocks
    Goalies: Wins, Saves, Save %, SHO
    Join Here! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

  2. NEW 16  Team Keeper league, $50 buy-in, Fantrax Premium. 

    Auction draft ($200 initial budget, with $2 additional cost to every keeper each year)
    Team Size: 17 (13 active, 4 bench)
    Positions: C(2), LW(2), RW(2), D(4), Skt(1), G(2), BN(4), IR(2)




    Scoring Period: Weekly head to head match-ups. Each two will play two games simultaneously per scoring period (weekly). This is to increase the number of games played in the season and to avoid bye weeks. Most categories won wins the week.




    Skaters: Goals, Assists, Shots on Goal, Special Teams Points, Corsi, Takeaways, Faceoffs Won, Hits, Blocks
    Goalies: Wins, Saves, Save %




    Stanley Cup Winner: $375
    Stanley Cup Runner-up: $150
    President's Trophy Winner: $75
    Division Winners: $30 (x4 for each division)

    Potential winnings: $480 (win the Stanley Cup, the President's Trophy, your division)

    Note: Prize money is in US Dollars. $80 is deducted from the prize pool to pay for the Fantrax premium league features.


    If you are interested, please PM me with any other questions or leave a comment here.