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  1. And now you've allowed the draft to start without everyone being paid. This league should be interesting.
  2. Yes a superflex is a flex that is any offensive position, including quarterback. As opposed to a straight 2QB league.
  3. If you change it now you may lose people who have already joined.
  4. First, you said you'd make draft time asap after it filled and then went on to say you were making it 5:30 because thats the time you could do it. Second, you named the league and the leaguesafe "superflex" when it's not a superflex. Thats not confusing it's the commish being misleading.
  5. People aren't confused, you're just misleading in what you say.
  6. No wonder it's having so much trouble filling.
  7. One extra flex is not a superflex. Just so you know.
  8. If you knew you were going to set it for 5:30 why not just say you'd set it for 5:30 instead of "as soon as possible after it fills"?
  9. Has nothing to do with the settings, doofus. It's the commish calling the league something that it isn't and saying he'll set a draft time and welshing on it.
  10. What I'd appreciate is a little more transparency than calling a league a superflex that isn't and saying you'll set draft time for as soon as possible and then doing it 4 hours from as soon as possible.
  11. Come on dude the earliest draft time is 4 hours from now? Why say one thing and do another?
  12. lol and yet you still call it something it isn't in the thread title.
  13. Potentially in. Like to see if/when it fills, though.