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  1. Moncada, Contreras, or B.Hamilton?

    I would keep Contreras as well... He is a huge upgrade over the C you would draft to replace him both this year and into the future.
  2. Stanton or Harper? Keeper

    Harper for me, and it's not even really that close
  3. Pick 1- Alex Reyes, Michael Kopech, or Kyle Tucker

    My OF is loaded- have Trout, Harper, Ozuna, Buxton... Pitching is terrible, only SP I am keeping are Nola, Berrios, Snell... I typically don't like pitching prospects but need to take chances in order to get better in that area... I feel like Tucker is the lowest risk player of the three- have a hard time deciding between Kopech and Reyes- it really is a coin toss like you said
  4. I'm down to my last keeper spot and I need to choose one of Alex Reyes, Michael Kopech, or Kyle Tucker. I feel strongly in all three directions, any insight would be appreciated!
  5. Davis or Rendon- i would lean towards Rondon simply bc he won't hurt your avg as much... It seems like you can find low-avg power relatively easily these days
  6. Look at Ozuna's splits in 2016- made AS team and then production fell off a cliff as he battled injuries over second half of season- 2016 numbers very deceiving, he was much better before playing injured
  7. Alex Reyes 2018 Outlook

    I am excited to watch him build up this spring... How does everyone see his season playing out?
  8. Machado or Blackmon

    Personally I'd go with Machado- two really good options for you!
  9. Ozuna/Kyle Tucker for Luis Castillo/Puig??

    I really appreciate the thoughtful responses... Thanks to all of you!
  10. Keeper league- my team has a great OF already, but is really thin on pitching. I'm on the Ozuna/Tucker side of the trade- am I crazy for considering this? On one hand, I don't expect Ozuna will replicate his 2017 season, and I don't place much value on Tucker for this season. I think Puig could actually come really close to Ozuna this season statistically. I do like Castillo and desperately need an arm. Thoughts?
  11. Bryant/Jose Ramirez or Bellinger/Hoskins

    Really? Bryant/Ramirez is by far the better side of this deal... I actually think both Hoskins and Bellinger will regress a little bit this year
  12. Mookie or Harper for keeper?

    Harper, not even really that close
  13. Difficult decision

    Arenado Machado Ramirez
  14. Who wins dynasty

    Seems like a fair trade to me.. I tend to like the Bird/Salazar side a bit more bc of Nelson's injury (will miss almost half season) and I think I like Bird's upside this year (i think)
  15. who do you prefer?

    Bregman for sure... Guy was fantastic after AS break last year and is likely to hit in a better spot in a dynamic lineup this year... Both are good choices, but Bregman is the guy for me.