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  1. Dang, I was certain he was going to be a .430 hitter for the Dodgers. This is going to be tough to stomach.
  2. Completely agree- guy has been sensational... can't wait to see him in LA
  3. I really don't think Kike or Chris Taylor are going to be much of a roadblock for Lux if he keeps performing... I bet Lux is up before May of next year
  4. Hopefully a short stay there, would be nice if he performs as he has and pushes up to AA this year.
  5. As a point of clarification, Wander is 18 yrs old.
  6. Not in lineup tonight, one can dream that it’s because he’s been promoted to AA, right?
  7. Let’s just hope he didn’t punch any walls this afternoon- he has too much talent not to figure this out soon
  8. This post is unnecessarily dramatic. He just had one of the best seasons a teenager has ever had in the majors. Let’s not freak out about a relatively slow start good grief.
  9. Great point. I’m surprised it took someone so long to mention Trout’s Initial call up...
  10. Id hold Reyes unless you think you can’t afford to wait. There aren’t likely any pitchers on wire with upside like Reyes
  11. The Twins have only played three games. Three.
  12. Will yahoo ever add him to their player pool?!? Cmon the natives are restless!
  13. Chris O'Leary saying that he is an injury risk- I don't know much about O'Leary's history/accuracy though, but thought it worth mentioning after my experience with Alex Reyes, doh!!
  14. I don’t understand posts like this. I mean, Harper has had a really rough start to the season, and yet somehow he is still the 29th ranked player in my league. He will get hot at some point and is very likely to finish in top 20 in a down year. I’ll take that floor every time
  15. Can we at least get an idea of what the injury is (if anything) before calling for him to move to the pen? Guy has an elite arm and should be given every chance to stick in rotation unless his body flat can't handle it, which may be the case.
  16. Can you show where I said or insinuated that it isn't concerning?... I'm concerned, for sure.
  17. Surely you know this, but minor league =/= major league
  18. I'm starting him... Upton likely to be out of LAA lineup after getting hit on hand last night. Road stats skewed by starts at NYY and then last week at BAL, otherwise has been good/great