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  1. Will yahoo ever add him to their player pool?!? Cmon the natives are restless!
  2. Chris O'Leary saying that he is an injury risk- I don't know much about O'Leary's history/accuracy though, but thought it worth mentioning after my experience with Alex Reyes, doh!!
  3. I don’t understand posts like this. I mean, Harper has had a really rough start to the season, and yet somehow he is still the 29th ranked player in my league. He will get hot at some point and is very likely to finish in top 20 in a down year. I’ll take that floor every time
  4. Can we at least get an idea of what the injury is (if anything) before calling for him to move to the pen? Guy has an elite arm and should be given every chance to stick in rotation unless his body flat can't handle it, which may be the case.
  5. Can you show where I said or insinuated that it isn't concerning?... I'm concerned, for sure.
  6. Surely you know this, but minor league =/= major league
  7. I'm starting him... Upton likely to be out of LAA lineup after getting hit on hand last night. Road stats skewed by starts at NYY and then last week at BAL, otherwise has been good/great
  8. I would take that deal 10 out of 10 times
  9. This is almost exactly what I would say also... first trade seems like a good one for you
  10. Which side do you like better in a dynasty, keep forever 6x6 rotisserie league?
  11. Also started raining in 5th inning and he was in dugout a long time on top of 5th as the Angels had a big inning
  12. Im just speculating, but the frigid temp could have had something to do with pitch selection- generally speaking some people have a tough time controlling certain pitches in conditions like Reynaldo played in today
  13. I respectfully disagree with the previous two posts that suggest Treinen is the worst closer of the bunch. He was fantastic, borderline elite, after the trade to Oakland last season... his stuff is electric.
  14. Bauer was arguably better than degrom for more than half the season last year... This trade isn't even close, Team A is by far the better side.
  15. By all accounts AZ intends to start him at 2B
  16. I actually think the A's are going to be decent this year- obviously park helps SP but I would put them closer to the middle group
  17. Arizona just extended him for five years (that's after making him untouchable in trade talks this past winter)... will be interesting to watch his play this season, I'm bullish
  18. My only question is when will the CWS put him on DL? I drafted him late and would like to DL him so I can grab someone else- i mean the season starts in less than two weeks what are they waiting on? (making fun of my own impatience!)
  19. He was ranked 147 in my yahoo league (despite missing significant time down the stretch)