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  1. What's the fun in half the league playing with a team that someone else drafted? Why so many teams drop? Let me know if you redraft. scottar1980@gmail.com
  2. 32 Team One Player Copy Salary IDP League

    I'll join if u increase the roster size and add a flex or two.
  3. Just guessing but maybe uninstall and reinstall app.
  4. Owner here

    Someone send me an invite for a league drafting 2night. Scottar1980@gmail.com
  5. We can join the CBS $100 league drafting tonight instead of having 2 league which wont fill?
  6. Y'all should join the espn $100 drafting tonight instead of having 2 exact leagues which wont fill.
  7. I'm looking to join a pay league which drafts tonight.
  8. Start up dynasty league ($20-$30)

    How many teams will be in the league? scottar1980@gmail.com
  9. Looking 4 League

    Still looking.
  10. Looking 4 League

    Still looking.
  11. Looking 4 League

    Yes and no thanks.
  12. Another veto?

    A few teams are mad at me cause no one in rotoworld agrees with them on either trades I've posted on rotoworld. How does 26 year old Stroman, the 8th place finisher in the cy young, drafted in the 4th get traded for 15, 16, and 23rd rounders. And We're still drafting. Seriously, please let me know of a good 30 team dynasty.