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  1. New IDP Dynasty League forming, $60

    Sounds like "your league" is the exact opposite of the tv show "the league". Lighten up.
  2. Looking 4 32 team dynasty

    Start up only.
  3. Please hit me up if you know of one.
  4. 32 team MEGA Dynasty startup. MFL. Salary cap.

    I'd be interested if u add idp?
  5. Didn't get it.
  6. I'll take oakland...scottar1989@gmail.com
  7. What's the fun in half the league playing with a team that someone else drafted? Why so many teams drop? Let me know if you redraft. scottar1980@gmail.com
  8. 32 Team One Player Copy Salary IDP League

    I'll join if u increase the roster size and add a flex or two.
  9. Just guessing but maybe uninstall and reinstall app.
  10. Owner here

    Someone send me an invite for a league drafting 2night. Scottar1980@gmail.com
  11. We can join the CBS $100 league drafting tonight instead of having 2 league which wont fill?
  12. Y'all should join the espn $100 drafting tonight instead of having 2 exact leagues which wont fill.
  13. I'm looking to join a pay league which drafts tonight.
  14. Start up dynasty league ($20-$30)

    How many teams will be in the league? scottar1980@gmail.com
  15. Looking 4 League

    Still looking.