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  1. League is on espn chat on slack There are 2 seperate leagues 1 redraft 1 keeper You would start in the redraft league and have to try to be best overall between baseball basket and football. Winner then goes to the keeper league The keeper league votes out the worst owner each year by record, activity, improvement, bad trades etc. that owner goes down to redraft fb is pts, base and basket is cats Chat for the league is on slack For more info post your email and I'll invite you to the slack app lm chad
  2. League on espn and chat on slack app There are 2 seperate leagues 1 redraft where u would start 1 keeper 5 keeps fb 5 basket 10 base Each year winner of the redraft league in all 3 sports combined moves up to the keeper league Owners in keeper league vote out worst owner by record activity bad trades etc. that owner goes to the redraft Both leagues hth cats base basket.pts in fb if you are interested post email and I'll invite u to slack app where we can talk more
  3. 1 spot left in the redraft league... win there and move up to the keeper