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  1. I hate ESPN, lol. I joined the league and attempted to manage the IL players but could not do so on the regular ESPN website. I was forced to download the App to manage IL. In doing so, I no longer get the league page with your links to other tools for the league. So I need the google sheets and other links, if there are any. . Send permission to view google sheets to rook1522@yahoo.con. Might need to send an overview of any rules or things I need to know. I want to add some players but they may be already owned on your sheets.
  2. 16 team league, annual prospect draft, second year. Available teams Atlanta, StLouis, CWS, LAA, NYM This will be first year using Proboards and Google Spread Sheets Athletics (Rob) To join and claim your team, create your profile on Proboards and let me know as well.
  3. New league, Round 1 drafting as we speak, slow draft offline, Proboards, Google Spread Sheets, ESPN, Free 20 reams, H2H carptegories, 6x6. 25 Round MLB draft and 10 Round Minors draft. We we need two replacement managers. Several guys signed up and are no shows. click on league link, check out the league rules and if you like, leave information on: New Manager Sign Up
  4. 18 of 20 teams filled. League draft starts Monday after next. Click the link above. Don’t miss out.
  5. 16 of 20 team signed up. 4 teams left, then it’s draft time, slow roll. Also drafting minors. New league, well thought out. Link above.
  6. 15 of 20 teams have signed up. Only a few more spots open for January 15 launch date. Check out the link above Proboard league page.
  7. 11 of 20 teams have joined. Dont miss out! Check the link.
  8. Eight teams signed up. Moving right along. Click the above link to learn more and then join for January 15 league start up.
  9. Six teams taken. Check the link above to join. We’ll get started January 15.
  10. Bump its a great concept which promotes trading in the league I am in. Orioles taken
  11. New league modeled after successful league I play. H2H categories, 6x6 (OPS and Holds), 20 teams, 25 round MLB and 10 round MiLB drafts. Both done on Proboards at the same time. January 15. Yahoo scoring. 10 American and 10 National League Teams. Choose your Franchise. Details on Proboards: Ask questions Log on Proboards and read League Rules tab for complete information, . Officially claim your team New Manager Sign Up tab.