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  1. This is a start-up dynasty league that needs 6 more members. The league is a full dynasty(keep entire roster) consisting of a solid group of active and engaged managers. Please see the details below. 14 Teams $150 plus Fantrax fees $2100 purse 1st Place = $1100 2nd Place = $600 3rd Place = $200 All Star break leader = $100 2nd half most Roto points improved = $100 ***(keeps team engaged throughout the year) Daily Lineups Roto 7x7 (HR, R, H, RBI, SB, BA, OPS, SV, HLD, WHIP, W, QS, K, ERA) 52 roster size 24 Active(C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CI, MI, LF, CF, RF, OF, U, 5 SP, 5 RP, 2 P), 8 Bench, 20 Minor League Slow Draft consisting of 2 parts. A draft to fill 32 MLB active slots. A 2nd draft to fill 20 Minor League slots. Snake draft with reverse order between MLB and Minor league draft. Draft to begin once league is full and paid. GroupMe is utilized and required to keep the league active and engaged. For more further details about the league, send an email to joboczon@gmail.com or reply to this thread.
  2. 5 spots remaining. PM or reply with your contact information to receive a document on the league rules. Quick answers to questions asked: Slow draft is a combined minor and MLB player draft. This dynasty league involves keeping your team's full roster year to year.
  3. We are looking to fill 6 remaining spots in our league and quickly proceed with scheduling and beginning our slow draft. Brief details of the league are stated below, but if you leave you contact information, I will supply you with additional details to assist in making your decision. Thanks! HOF Fantasy League House of Friends League Size: 14 Teams Lineups: Daily Host Site: Fantrax Monetary Holdings: Fantrax Treasury League Investment: $150 + Small Fantrax fee (shared cost ) Winnings: $2,100 payouts League Format: Dynasty - Roto 7x7 Dynasty League Scoring HR- Home Runs R- Runs H- Hits RBI- Runs Batted In SB - Stolen Bases BA- Batting Average OPS - On Base + Slg % Sv - Saves HLD - Holds WHIP - Walks Hits IP Ratio W- Wins QS - Quality Starts K - Strikeouts ERA- Earned Runs Average Rosters: 24 Active Roster(C,1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CI, MI, LF, CF, RF, OF, U, 5 SP, 5 RP, 2P) / 6 Bench / 20 Minor League Draft Type: Slow draft, Snake, Random Draft Order
  4. By the way, there are a lot of players I do like on this team I just wouldn't have taken them all. Love Miggy and Garrett Richards but they both come with worries. I want both my current Marlin and ex-Marlin Ozuna to do well, but they are going way to early in draft in my opinion. Your team does have a boom or bust to it and I am just another opinion that doesn't matter. Hopefully, its a boom.
  5. I will admit I am not very fair with Blackmon. Even if he doesn't put up last year's numbers, he is relatively safe to be a top OF. Realmuto may be a boring safe as he has no lineup around him. .280 avg 15 HR and no counting stats = about every catcher you could have waited on. Unless the 8 steals really pushes him to a Top 5. And Ozuna came out of nowhere last year with a balooned 23% HR/Flyball ratio. He has been a consistent .270 hitter and suddenly with an elevated BABIP while not changing any of his hit ball stats jumps up over 40 points. Drop him down to a .280 hitter with 25-30 HR as a polite ceiling. Pair that with the rest and I am just not seeing it.
  6. I ranked his HBP as a 60/60 tool. There is something lacking in his approach as back to back 40 walk seasons isn't a lot. Plate discipline is an important part to being at the top of the lineup. Additionally, getting hit by pitches isn't a good thing especially given the injury proneness it is likely to bring. It is a great hitting approach staying with every pitch until it hits the catcher's mitt. It just leaves you out to dry on pitches in. It is tough for a hitter to fix that. Chase Utley lead the league with HBPs for 3 straight seasons and played nearly full seasons in all 3 so it is possible it doesn't have an effect. It is also possible that he takes a fastball of the hand and is Trea Turner'ed. It is difficult to be Harper's backup plan when you may need a backup plan yourself.
  7. This statistic has fulled me every year. He has the BEST strikeout potential of any pitcher in baseball. His swinging whiff % (Baseball Prospectus) is always the top 10 among SP. I always tell myself that his walks can be outdone by his stuff. The problem is his consistency. He doesn't spread out his issues. He will pitch 5 innings 3 hits 2 BB 8 Ks. He will enter the 6th walk 2 batters, hang two fastballs over the plate. And his line will suddenly be 5 innings 5 hits 4 BBs 8 Ks and 3ER. You will grown and say "He got me again". At this point I think it is a composure thing. Which means when he starts pitching bad, he implodes. It can be identified in stats, but don't let him fool you. He can do more damage to your weekly stat lines than good.
  8. Agree! Did you take a safe stock in the entire bunch other than Machado? You have a lot of players coming off career years. Others with huge question marks. I like to take flyers on some of these guys, but you took flyers on all of them. This is a boom or bust team. I think it is going to bust. Sorry lad. You're on the outside looking in.
  9. I am going against the grain as I always choose to go. Both teams have plenty of up and comings and could replace either if they are not playing well so job security is mute to me. The think I like about Gallo is he walks a bit more. With that said, his BABIP that everything thinks is going to recover and make him more of a .250 hitter isn't happening. His flyball % was over 50% which is the lowest outcome for BA other than a strikeout which he also does a ton. I know both may look at them as swing and miss guys and the stats show them relatively identical. Story had a swinging strike percentage of 14.1%. Gallo was 19.2% ! And that was a good year. His past two were over 20%. I have more faith on Story having a better year and Gallo having a worse year. Add SS to Story and he gets the easy win.
  10. I agree with the Benintendi without even thinking to give you 6. They are correct about Schoop's OBP, however, I disagree and think his other stats make him a keeper. .290 90/30/100 at 2B is not a keeper because he doesn't walk is a bit absurd to me. Paxton has burned me twice with injuries and though he is good when healthy, I am not sure when that actually is. I would take Chapman as my final spot.
  11. His HR rates have decreased but his hit quality tools really haven't. His Batted Ball distance actually when up from 2015 when he hit 19 HR this past year despite only hitting 2017. AT&T Park is dreadful, and the 20 end of that may be an aggressive prediction. I saw we compromise at 15 HR.