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  1. Keenan Allen 2018 Outlook

    From your lips to God's ears.
  2. This game sucks. I don't even have a vested interest really other than hoping for 12 more yards out of Lockett in a "fun league". Doubt I get it.
  3. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    He still had 20 touches. GB coaching staff is stupid, but they're not that stupid. This guy helps move the chains. He scores TDs. Their infatuation with Williams is lame, but he's clearly not going to take over the majority of touches. Williams had 4 touches all game. Williams can start next week for all I care if it means Jones is going to out touch him 20-4 again.
  4. Not even watching this hot garbage game. I'm checking the status due to match ups and such. Stafford is hot f'in garbage. I get that they traded Tate. he doesn't have a lot of playmakers. How TF do you throw 14 passes and have only 49 yards? He's throwing to L. Blount. The whole coaching staff should be gone with how pathetic that team and play calling is.
  5. Aaron Jones 2018 Outlook

    How many times is Rodgers going to ignore a wide open Jones just to try and force a 60 yard throw to Adams? o/u 4.5
  6. Henry's YPC was 3.7 coming into tonight's game. On 11 carries, he's gone up to 4.99 on the year after 139 total carries on the season.
  7. Agreed. Moncrief should have caught that last pass.
  8. That's f'in hysterical. I knew I should have put him in my DFS lineup for tonight. F'in D. Henry.
  9. That Jax offense is hot garbage.
  10. Out of that bunch, I'd lean to Wilson.
  11. Wentz probably has the safest floor, but if you're a huge underdog you need upside. I think Allen is the better play than LJax.
  12. Allen and then LJax - less confident in LJax.
  13. Who do I sit?

    Gus isn't going to catch a ball. Keep that in mind. I'd sit him out of that bunch in PPR, but that's just me.