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  1. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    This guy is such a diva with a ton of baby mama drama. Grow the **** up and get your ish together, Tony.
  2. Rams/Saints - NFC Championship

    Taysom F'in Hill....
  3. Payton has an inexplicable hard-on for Taysom Hill.
  4. OT and CSB, but whatever. I finally got to draft Keenan Allen in my $$$ league this season. Great floor and had some really nice games in the 2nd half. Really enjoyed owning him this year as he helped me clinch the playoffs by my a hair. Didn't do great in the playoffs, but I would't have gotten there without him. Definitely looking to draft him next season if I can.
  5. Maybe not a TD, but in what world is that not a catch? Terrible call.
  6. Chargers at Ravens Wild Card game

    That's a Gordon TD...
  7. Chargers at Ravens Wild Card game

    That's a Gordon TD.
  8. Chargers at Ravens Wild Card game

    They're playing not to lose. Gutless football.
  9. Chargers at Ravens Wild Card game

    I get it, but they let this kid roll through the end of the regular season knowing that he is a poor passer. This is on the coaching staff as much as it is on Jackson. Either bench him or stop playing not to lose.
  10. Chargers at Ravens Wild Card game

    Jackson is hardly setting the world on fire here. He's been atrocious, but this play calling is absolute f'in terrible. Get the kid some confidence by allowing him to throw some quick outs and get a completion. Running the ball up the gut for 1-2 yards at a time isn't doing jack ish.
  11. Chargers at Ravens Wild Card game

    Weak sauce play calling.
  12. Hell of a catch by Baldwin though. Let's run the ball 4 straight times now. Edit: They literally ran the ball 4 straight times after this.
  13. WTF is with their play calling? I know they love to run, but seriously. They run to a fault.
  14. D-Hop might be my favorite receiver in the NFL. It's hard to say he's underrated. Perhaps underappreciated.