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  1. Winston literally locks into his receiver and doesn't look anywhere else. So glad I dropped this fool like a bad habit.
  2. I would take a dump on my fantasy team if I could.
  3. I needed less than 7 PPR points from Juju. 3/15...I feel your pain and then some.
  4. Yahoo scored it wrong. It was Johnson, not Juju who fumbled.
  5. Bridgewater is a putrid QB. I'm glad I own zero shares of that team right now.
  6. This guy is such a diva with a ton of baby mama drama. Grow the **** up and get your ish together, Tony.
  7. OT and CSB, but whatever. I finally got to draft Keenan Allen in my $$$ league this season. Great floor and had some really nice games in the 2nd half. Really enjoyed owning him this year as he helped me clinch the playoffs by my a hair. Didn't do great in the playoffs, but I would't have gotten there without him. Definitely looking to draft him next season if I can.
  8. Maybe not a TD, but in what world is that not a catch? Terrible call.