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  1. 2018-10-15 MNF Game Day SF@GB

    Agreed. I've streamed kickers all season and I've failed badly. It's cost me multiple games. It's not always on the kicker when they don't score points, but consistent kickers are much appreciated.
  2. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Same garbage every week. My opponents sh*tty players go off. My players can't score TDs. Can't even get touches. I'm sick of the K position. Every week I have a problem with my kicker. Missed PATs. The boneheaded coaches go for 2 incessantly or they screw around with field position and don't attempt FGs.
  3. Well LOL. He recovered the ball. No fumble. LOL.
  4. He's been moving the ball just fine. I don't know what game you're watching.
  5. God forbid they try to run it in with Smallwood.
  6. I'm starting Smallwood over Fuller (can't trust him right now with hammy and Coutee) and Baldwin.
  7. People seem to be all over Clement in his thread. He might have bigger upside appeal, but I like Smallwood to have a better floor. I'm leaning Smallwood as a FLEX.
  8. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Lost by less than a point bc Brady was credited with the Gronk fumble Int or whatever the hell that was. Fuller gets a whopping 3 targets. I could have taken several other kickers but I take Lambo who gets two whole points. Every week it is some bs with this game.
  9. 10-7-18 SNF: Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans

    You are analyzing this entirely too much.
  10. 10-7-18 SNF: Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans

    LOL. Wrong. I own zero shares of Lamar Miller. He's been on my DND for two years now. As I said earlier. Blue is the lead back by default. Foreman is far more talented.
  11. 10-7-18 SNF: Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans

    Use the term "active" tentatively. The guy hasn't had a touch for a reason. He's banged up. What has Blue ever done to impress you? I've carried this guy on teams before. He blew up once to my recollection. He's a vanilla player. I rarely bash players - I'm not really bashing him now. I'm just about shocked that someone is actually trying to defend this guy. I've seen way better players called plodders on this forum who didn't deserve that. This guy is essentially a plodder.
  12. 10-7-18 SNF: Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans

    I counter with his lifetime 3.7 YPA. I counter that he can't overtake a mediocre Lamar Miller in this offense. He's a back up. That's all he is. He's getting reps by default.
  13. 10-7-18 SNF: Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans

    I agree with you. I wasn't trying to be a DB. He's a big dude. Runs straight up. Not shifty. There is a reason why most taller RBs aren't good.