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  1. How are you guys feeling about Ingles as a 6th man for Utah?
  2. I'm wondering who has the best streaming potential for the night. Caris or Kurucs...interesting dilemma
  3. Worth taking a shot on him with Ibaka out? He was just dropped in my league I feel like I have to pick him up for tomorrow at least
  4. Isaac was just dropped in my league and I'm trying to figure out why before adding lol what gives??
  5. Lol because that's what they do during jersey exchanges. You swap jerseys.
  6. I agree with your take. His assist numbers this year have been nice, but when watching them play (I have Ayton also otherwise I wouldn't subject myself to such an atrocity during my free time on League Pass lol), it's clear his not a natural PG. IMO If they happen to draft Jah Morant or Darius Garland it could help the Suns tremendously but probably hurt Booker's assists but probably help everything else. Ayton also would benefit big time. I appreciate your insight, young sir!
  7. How do you guys feel about Dev Booker's long term keeper potential? How can his numbers increase? He's been pretty damn good statistically this year but he's so young, where can his numbers go from here do you guys think?
  8. Is his playing time going to make it hard to trust him down the stretch/for playoffs?
  9. He is so enticing but I had to cut him loose for Jonas V coming off IR. Came to see what the vibe was here after he exploded lol
  10. Late to this party but am definitely interested
  11. Yeah I have been pretty pleased. Can't be upset finding a guy like him on the wire.