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  1. Interested bugkilla@capassopestcontrol.com
  2. 30-Team Dynasty: 4 Spots Remaining!

    Can I still get in bugkilla@capassopestcontrol.com
  3. 30-Team Dynasty Startup Looking For Owners

    Please send me info invite bugkilla@capassopestcontrol.com
  4. Closer to target? WHIR

    How many teams are in your league what's on your waiver wire what's going on with Seth Lugo Caleb Smith Domingo german Frankie Montas all of these RP eligible players I would throw in to an RP slot before making any trades... Have you checked your free agency market there may be one or two other names that are worth a shot in that hole but if you need a stud closer then yeah trade a bat you're pretty stock on offense
  5. Degrom or Kershaw ros

    I'll go Kershaw he's a veteran he's the Tom Brady of pictures and I think he will figure out how to make it through the year degrom still young Kershaw The General will prevail
  6. I play in a 16-team roto 10 player keep forever League. I have inherited last place team and am rebuilding ....I'm being offered .. Nola Meadows Nick Gordon.....for Soroka Tatis Jr...... Categories are rbi,r,sb,avg.,obp,qs,k,s,h,era,whip, Keep forever 10 players The only veterans on my team are Tanaka and Cole Hamels I have a few solid bats already would you do this trade
  7. 6/20 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Morton needs to pour some Gatorade on his jersey next inning ...get a grip bro...what's happening here
  8. 6/20 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I was just coming to this page to say the very same thing what is going on with Morton.... Somebody please find the glass slipper
  9. Alex Verdugo 2018 Outlook

    Well he is on a tear down there and is apparently ready for the MLB again....injury his only chance or do they bring him on ...any Intel???
  10. Week 13 - Encarnacion or Aguilar?

    Encarnacion all the way he is a stud and will break out with a vengeance any second now...scooter
  11. Another Torres Offer

    Pretty even depends on what place your in miles Nicholas is having a good year so I might add him to your SP staff seems like the only slight edge to me there if you make the trade I would almost standstill depending on your place
  12. Pick 2

    I play in a 10-team head-to-head points weekly matchup. I lost my closers we have to RP slots I currently have Walker Buehler and Domingo German. Seth Lugo and Caleb Smith are on the waiver wire there are no RP's available otherwise. Rest of season pick two of these four for your RP slot. BEUHLER GERMAN LUGO CALEB SMITH. WITH BUELLER ON THE DL I'M CONSIDERING MOVING ON ONLY HAVE 6 WEEKS LEFT IN THE SEASON AND I'M IN THIRD PLACE
  13. Guys who stream SP are scumbags.

    Join a league that fits your preference....tell that guy he needs to start his own league...I stream if I need to....but sit on players with a paitent mind...baseball is after all a paitent marathon of a sport...
  14. Jonathan Loaisiga 2018 Outlook

    I read that he has some wicked control/command ...isn't thisl a strong indicater of success at the major league level....plus his k/b was good I nmonors so what is the concern on him at MLB