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  1. Starting again anyone rolling with him
  2. Getting a second chance to start this year Saturday against the Padres any thoughts on whether or not a demotion and then promotion will help?
  3. Yeah I'm a little worried with Ursula emergence where andujar fits in
  4. Been saying it alot.....dude seems to get dinged alot....injury risk man sucks
  5. I'm not one to dive too deep into players and all that so I'm not 100% sure my statement applies but last year Luis Castillo in the reds had a similar type of up-and-down season anyone out there have metrics to compare Renaldo seems like he has talent to be dominant I almost feel like this experience will help him for next season and he comes out a decent picture similar to Luis Castillo progress this year anyone see peripherals that suggest something like that?
  6. 30 team category Dynasty League Luis Severino For Kevin Newman Adonis Medina Tristen lutz Whir I am in last place overall and need to begin a rebuild
  7. This guy is starting to remind me.of the china DAHL.....and how his career started ...if he ever gets healthy maybe we will see
  8. Philadelphia is on a major team slump at this point so might not be a bad outing for the young man....def. need some more Intel but will roll the dice for now
  9. I would definitely not trade sell the clinic staff is definitely not as strong Snell is a key component to that please help me with mine I don't know how to post it here like the others
  10. I would definitely hold Meadows the one quote from last season that I absolutely love the most wind Meadows said the bright lights of an MLB stadium helps him pick up spin on the ball I think Meadows only get better
  11. Definitely mercado I agree with the playing time Dodgers organization has way too many good bats
  12. Dynasty League/Roto My team is giving up: Pache Dalbec Oseil Rodriguez Jonathan Rodriguez FOR Tyler O'Neill Scott Kingery Jose Siri I feel like I'm giving up too much, thoughts? WHIR!
  13. I would say do it you have a pretty solid team already and it looks like you'd be bolstering your pitching staff which is usually good to have in head to head
  14. This is a 30 team Dynasty League with categories 8×8... My team is giving Loasigia Pache Dalbec Oseil Rodriguez For Scott Kingery Tyler O'Neill Jose Siri or DJ Peters (my choice) I'm stacked with pitching in this league but I'm very limited with offense I am also in last place so looking towards the future somehow I feel like I'm giving up an awful lot thoughts
  15. Well let's take into consideration that the Dodgers are heavily loaded left-handed lineup and they've done most of their damage against fireball pictures..... Cole Ervin represents a left-handed crafty specialist...it is quite possible the Dodgers have not experienced this type of picture yet and struggle tonight Kershaw be damned