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  1. Good Morning. I play in a couple dynasty leagues that are all Roto. I am looking for a higher money league with deep rosters and that is H2H. It sounds like your league matches what I am looking for. My email is mike_msub@hotmail.com. Let me know if you have any questions for me. Thanks, Mike
  2. I am in if there is still a spot. email is mike_msub@hotmail.com. thanks
  3. I am interested. How far are you from filling the league? please send invite to mike_msub@hotmail.com
  4. thanks for the invite but I can't play because you are using Fantrax treasurer ( residents of Montana can't collect winnings)
  5. I am interested. Could i get more details? send to mike_msub@hotmail.com. Also how will the money be collected? (leaguesafe). thanks
  6. i'm interested as long it is not a Yahoo cash league. How are you collecting payment?
  7. I sent you an email also but I am interested in playing. 15+ years playing fantasy baseball. Up until last year I was just playing re-draft leagues but am looking for a few keeper/dynasty leagues. mike_msub@hotmail.com