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  1. OPS 5 keeper league was just offered my Tatis for his Trevor Story do I take this?
  2. 8 team H2H Cat 6x6 QS league. Do I drop one of my SPs for Eflin? If so, who? Team in sig.
  3. I would DL Murphy and definitely pick up Paddack.
  4. I wouldn't use the 2nd waiver on him but if you can stash him on your IL i would definitely do that.
  5. I would do it. I'd trade Morton over Castillo. You have good pitching depth and Alonso looks like a breakout.
  6. Another for Soler and drop Laureano. It's a toss up between odorizzi and McHugh. Odorizzi is probably safer but McHugh has a higher ceiling so I'd probably drop Odorizzi for Skaggs.
  7. Don't drop Pollock. I'm another that would side with McHugh and Urias.
  8. I would hold. Stanton just went on the IL, Sale has lost some velo and has some injury risk. Also Turner looks like he could have a huge year.
  9. Which pitchers(if any) do you feel comfortable dropping? I'm looking to stream some pitchers for the rest of the week and I'm always worried about dropping a pitcher after one start. Drop any or hold? Team in sig.
  10. I would go for it and make that trade. I don't think losing Santana will hurt you too much in an OBP league guys around him whereas you'll notice the difference in steals with a guy like Peraza.
  11. 8 team H2H cat 6x6 OPS league. I have Schwarber but I’m considering picking up Moncada(both would be in my UTIL). I have plenty of steals but I don’t want to miss the breakout from Moncada. Should I pull the trigger or stay put with Schwarber? Team in sig
  12. I wonder how much of his prospect rank was based on his defense and arm. I'm sure he can produce offensively but to what extent I'm not sure. When you look at Vlad and Eloy they have no defensive ability but they're amazing with a bat which makes them very valuable in fantasy. Don't get me wrong I picked him up, but it just makes me wonder which attributes these players excel at that make them highly ranked prospects. Obviously the experts that are creating these rankings aren't ranking them based on how well they will produce in fantasy.
  13. I would take Alonso. He looks great this spring and shows a lot of power. Experts are very high on him as well.