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  1. In case anyone had a better option here's my roster Thanks again
  2. Lower round choices would be Wilson Ramos 25 Jp Crawford 25 Steven Souza 25 Josh Roddick 25 Johnny cueto 4th Luke weaver 25th
  3. Last year it was 13 team league. Who would your 4th keeper be in this scenario ?
  4. 10 team roto league I've narrowed my choices down to 6 and I need to keep four. Corey Seager -2nd Round Jose Abreu - 3rd Starling Marte - 25 Rhys Hoskins -25 Miguel Sano-12 Carlos Martinez - 7 Thanks!
  5. I've always had Souza on my roster for some reason and I've always liked him so he's my pick.
  6. I'd vote for Grey, he won't be that good, but he'll have better stats in the end.
  7. I like piscotty more, but I'm probably in the minority.
  8. I would take the deal for Lindor everyday and twice on sunday.
  9. I would trade for Greinke, I think he'll have a decent year and make a good mid starter
  10. Navigating the Windward Passage by The Lawrence Arms.
  11. Took me a while to notice the 10 post thing too, but that's the requirement.