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  1. does any site run a computer model of the pre season "perfect team"? Like take take anticipated projections and combine that with ADP or auction value and build a computer model of what the best possible team is given projections and expense ?
  2. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    there is no way that they are not at least listening to offers
  3. David Peralta 2018 Outlook

    career year or is he worth holding onto after this year
  4. 4/18 - GAMEDAY THREAD

    zimmerman heating up
  5. Nick Pivetta 2018 Outlook

    taking a flyer on him for sure. If he somehow turns into a SP 4 awesome
  6. Corey Dickerson 2018 Outlook

    Note I see from 2 hours ago says 5th
  7. Ryan Zimmerman 2018 Outlook

    his name is Yonder
  8. Steven Souza 2018 Outlook

    refresh....refresh.... refresh...
  9. Pick 1 a final keeper

    Bags and runs
  10. Pick 1 a final keeper

    This was my feeling... I was all set with Eddie but Eaton is starting to creep into my mind
  11. Pick 1 a final keeper

    Fyi we start 4 OF and 2 utility in a 15 team league Having OF keepers is a good thing
  12. Pick 1 a final keeper

    15 and it is auction and salary. All above players are $3 I was leaning Eddie but then got thinking eaton
  13. My 4 are JD Ozuna Kluber No la Possible 5th and final, you pick Zimmerman Eaton Nunez Eddie Rosario Longoria
  14. Pick 1 a final keeper

    Sorry wrong forum