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  1. Michael Kopech - P CHW “Overall, I like what I saw. I was expecting to see a pitcher that was erratic and I saw a pretty good arm. I don’t think Kopech is an ace though. The SL and CH got outs but most of his success was due to elevating the FB. He did not command the black of the plate but he did change eye level. I think Kopech is victim of the hype. Industry guys salivated over the FB and K rate and really put unfair expectations on him. Fans get their information from the industry and fan the flames. It is what it is. Kopech though has a chance to a back of the rotation guy that flashes brilliance but I think he ends up in the bullpen long-term.” That’s not good.
  2. Taylor Ward - C/3b Anaheim

    HR #7 yesterday off Chris Stratton
  3. Taylor Ward - C/3b Anaheim

    At what point can we say this guy is one of the best hitters in the minor leagues? Up to a .392/.466/.632 triple slash with 6 homers and 8 steals in AAA. 12 homers and 16 steals in AA and AAA combined. No one talks about him, mainly because he's 24 already and most prospect writers get hyped about young guys performing in an older league. Really interested in him.
  4. Michael Kopech - P CHW

  5. Michael Kopech - P CHW

    Gotta be something mechanical. Hasn’t had a BB/9 over 5 since 2016 in High A. It’s over 6 right now. Haven’t heard any talk of diminished velocity, so I doubt it’s injury related. He’s a tireless worker, I’m betting he figures it out
  6. Nomar Mazara 2018 Outlook

    Now 5 homers off LHP including an oppo bomb last night. Also batting .261 against LHP so far. Still dont like his 56%GB but his hard hit rate looks great. He looks like he’s figuring it out.
  7. Dylan Cease - SP CHC

    How do people view Cease right now? Is he a potential frontline starter?
  8. Scott Kingery 2018 Outlook

    He’s going through an adjustment period right now. He will be fine, Gabe will play him until he snaps out of it
  9. Brusdar Graterol SP Min

  10. Juan Soto-OF Nationals

    Antonio Puesan, you are fake news
  11. Lewis Brinson 2018 Outlook

    Curious, what is your view on him in dynasty leagues? I can't even give him away (12 team, 43 man roster). His stats and peripherals are troubling. Still so young though.
  12. Juan Soto-OF Nationals

    Not that I don't believe the guy, but he tweeted it 2 hours ago. I would think someone else would have reported it too.
  13. Juan Soto-OF Nationals

    Can u post source?
  14. Yordan Alvarez 1B HOU

  15. Ketel Marte 2018 Outlook

    Curious if anyone still sees upside in this guy. He doesn't steal, hitting ground balls 63% of the time and hitting lower in the order. I had higher hopes.