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  1. I am buying high no doubt. The buy high is still very low from seeing the trades in my leagues. It seems his owners are pricing him around $5-$8
  2. I am getting all kinds of offers at the moment for Baez and not sure what in the world to think or how to gauge his value. I mean if he hits 35 bombs and swipes 10 he might end up a late 2nd rounder in '19, I hate to trade that but on the other hand maybe he is just on a hot streak destined to come back down to earth.....
  3. Any word yet? Holding him is now painful knowing I could grad a guy like VIllanueva and use him
  4. No matter what the ST outcomes are, still looks like he is getting to much of the plate and his FB is just so much straighter now that he has lost that extra giddy up. So much potential and now just a streamer, what a shame.
  5. I am just talking from my experience so maybe I was over the line sorry. I just know that I am a hardcore basketball guy, 10 hours week, 3-4 times a week and I started getting leg issues at age 31 and by the time I was 33, I felt like I was 50. Josh is pro, he will be fine but in rounds 1-2 for sure I m looking at safety and minimizing my investment, that is all. Donaldson's ceiling is what, 10-12 overall? I mean it is not like you are drafting a 5 tool stud at his ADP that could end up top 5. All I am saying is that if someone said "you have a 96% chance of these numbers" versus hey you can take Doldson and get an 87% chance at these numbers, the choice is obvious for me. Now after saying all that I will say that once Donaldson gets to about an ADP of 40-45 I can see it but still, to have a guy like Upton or even Encarnacion there, it is an easy choice for me
  6. I love this guy but man, the ADP is scaring me at CBS. I mean Nola is below Godley....
  7. Such a risk at the ADP jeez, I just do not know what to do. I would hate to finally own him on the wrong side of 30......
  8. My bud in Chi Town has been telling me a lot about how B money (my nick for Kris) was all jacked last year focusing so much on going oppo that it screwed the power up. Also the fact that he wants to be more selective and walk more. Off seasons worked on the swing and approach. I think the average is 300 for sure if not a tick over and the homers will be 40 if not more. I mean my goodness, just watch him, he has 40 home run guy written all over him. I do remember a few games last year where he made soft contact to right and it did not look natural for him. He was just going oppo for the sake of doing it and I think it created unnatural habits. My 2 cents, he is a top 5 pick newt year, easily and could be 3 if the SB's to not decline again. Couple article I found.
  9. ADP jump in CBS has be off the train now. I just cannot take him around 85 with the likes of Hosmer and Myers a round earlier. Sucks, I hate when CBS does this, some bonehead in my league always goes by the rankings and drafts accordingly
  10. Thanks to the pinstripes on the jersey, homers in my leagues are reaching WAY to far for Hicks, I am not a player at the moving ADP. Good pick at 250 but dag gone, him going around 200, no way in heck
  11. Might as will start calling him Willy Mo Pena and has moved to my do not draft list