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  1. 8 team, 15 player (+2 IR) roster Players I got: Rose (before 50 points game) Dinwiddie (right after LeVert injury) Ibaka (first week of the leauge when I realize Valan could not get 20+ minutes) SGA (still I am not convienced he is solid but you never know) Players I dropped: I was not patience enough to wait them but the game is always changing according to the weekly challenges Siakam Wendell Sabonis Montrezl
  2. I drafted below 15 player roster in my auction type (500$) 12 cat leauge.(FGM, FGM%, FTM, FTM% 3PM, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO, DD, PT) Last year was my rookie season. I had no idea during the auction draft but somehow I got be the champion with AD, KAT, Simmons core with FA steals like Donavan, Tyreke and Tatum. I have to admit my team boosted up after Boogie and Butler injuries. This year I decided to use punt assist strategy after carefully reading this treat. I have to thank all the contributers here, especially @BillWalton for his perfect guide of course. Normally I drafted Wiggins but immediately traded for Otto. According to the ESPN ratings I am at second place but we all know how misguiding these rankings. I am happy with Kawahi, Oladipo, PG13 and Holiday but I think I am weak at big man stats. I will see where it goes during the season but this time my job is harder as a rookie champ. Everybody wants my head.
  3. He is a talented player but he just came out from a magor injury. I assume he will be in minute restriction for a while, at least during fantasy playoffs. But you never know, an unfortunate injury could occur to hot back court of the Utah than he will be an asset.