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  1. I would go with youth and pick WCJ. I like his game.
  2. Kyrie for sure. Never been a fan of Wall.
  3. Would you trade Jimmy Butler and Nurkic for Towns and Conley?
  4. I wouldn’t take that deal. Also, read that Drummond is about to at the 3 ball to his game. You only add more scoring and FT% but weaken yourself hold on other cats.
  5. Looks very solid...definitely looks like a lot of players dropped in your favor.
  6. Wall. cp3 is awesome when on but is also injury prone...
  7. Here are my top 4 choices, need to pick 3 who would you keep? Really just need help with the last player...WHIR For sure keeps: Steph Curry Jimmy Butler Which one? Jrue Holiday Draymond Green