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  1. Reply with your email if interested for invite - draft time is final so don't join if you can't draft 3/25 @ 6pm PST Paddy’s Pub Constitution Note: these are open for future change or revision if enough people want something changed Initial draft: $300 auction - all major and minor league players are available for drafting, as they will be drafted together in one single auction draft. The minor leaguers will be drafted in Yahoo, but afterwards dropped and placed in a google docs spreadsheet. It is much easier to manage that way compared to Yahoo’s. Adds and drops will be done by message board posts, and I will update the spreadsheet. Note: You can only draft the total minor leaguers allowed for the first year. If you roster more than is allowed, you will be forced to drop however many over the max that you have. Offseason drafts: 3 rounds each offseason, order determined by reverse regular season standings for bottom half, and reverse playoff finish for top half. 3 minor leaguers will be added each season in these drafts, added onto the current ones rostered. Because of this draft, the minor league rosters will increase by 3 each offseason. Date will be TBD, but will be a slow draft to make sure everyone has enough time to pick. The minor league player must be signed to an MLB team as well, you can’t draft unsigned players in hopes to stash them long term. Note: If the league feels that we have added enough minor leaguers in a few years or so, we can stop adding more or change the number added, but we won’t have to worry about this for awhile. If we want to expand teams with major league players, we could also decide to have another offseason draft for only MLB players. Entry fee: $50 yearly through Leaguesafe Teams Number: 14 teams Prize pool ($700) split: 1st - $420 2nd - $200 3rd - $80 Scoring: 7x7 H2H stats Batting: TB, R, HR, RBI, SB, OPS, K Pitching: W, QS, K, ERA, WHIP, SV, HR Rosters: 30 Man Rosters (including MiLB) 25 Man Active Rosters 18 starters and 7 bench; 5 minor leaguers C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UTL, UTL, then 2 SP, 2 RP, and 4 Pitcher slots, 7 bench spots and 5 N/A spots for minor leaguers. All players are kept forever. You may only have 30 players at all times, if you promote a minor leaguer, you must make a corresponding move to clear space. Once a minor leaguer is activated, they may not be “re-sent” to N/A (even if the player is sent down and/or has not hit the minimum AB or IP) Rules: All rules and changes to these rules will be done by league vote with the majority ruling. There will be no in season rule changes that will affect the standings, scoring, or outcome of the current season. Any changes that will or may impact standing or scoring will go into effect the following season. Minor League Roster: Minor league roster will always be the 5 N/A roster spots you have available. We will use the Yahoo player pool for MiLB; if a player is not on Yahoo, we’ll have to wait until Yahoo adds that player. You can pick up and release MiLB players at any time. Minor League Eligibility: Any player that has fewer than 150 at bats (position player) or fewer than 50 innings pitched (pitchers) at the major league level may be placed or kept on a minor league roster. Once they exceed these levels, they must be called up or released by the offseason. They can be left on the minors roster during the season. The 150 at bat/50 innings pitched are career totals and not single season totals. When a player is called up by the fantasy owner, he can no longer be sent down, even if he’s in the minors in real life. If a team is caught having an ineligible player in the minors, there will be warnings issued, but hopefully it won’t be a problem. When called up and a spot is freed, you can add a minor leaguer to replace them. International signings: International players signed to MLB teams during the season will not be eligible for pick up but will be eligible in the next offseason draft. Active Roster: There is a weekly pickup limit of 6, and a minimum of 15 innings pitched. Trading: All players and offseason draft picks are eligible for trade. Future offseason draft picks can be traded before the offseason draft order is finalized, as you may trade the round specific pick. For trades involving draft picks, one team makes a message board post, and the other team must confirm it. Trade Veto: All trades are final upon acceptance by involved parties. There are no trade vetoes unless collusion is apparent or league balance is affected. I will have commissioner veto on for this reason. If enough people think that a specific trade should be vetoed, then the league can discuss on the yahoo league chat. Note: In trades made involving players on the minor league roster, I will update the rosters post-trade. Waivers: FAAB with a $200 budget. This is only for the major league roster, as the minor leaguers will essentially be first come first serve. Playoffs and Tiebreaker for the Playoffs: 6 teams make the playoffs. The tiebreaker for playoff matchups the season and in the playoffs will be best regular season record vs the opponent.