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  1. Betts and any of the first 3 on your list . Or any 2 batters and a pitcher .
  2. I wouldn't panic in a pts league . In my pts league RP's are on the bottom for pts. So would drop 1 of them for a bat .
  3. Not in a points league. you would be giving up 800 SP. points for. 450 . Unless there is a ww. pitcher that is OK that is net loss .
  4. Not veto able . Degrom is better. The other pitchers will average more. wins and k's per week . Judge is not going to win you anything for at least a month more. Of course maybe you playing him next week .
  5. No . You are just going to drop Margot . You will have Rizzo , Votto , Arrendo and Vlad for 2 spots . Yates and Thor are upgrades to what you have
  6. Give up Gearrin . Watching he was afraid to throw a pitch.
  7. With 6 OF in SD wouldn't count on playing time from any of them
  8. I took over a team in An auction draft these are mine Bogaerts kept $ 25 T Turner k $31 C Correaa k $ 26 T Beckham. draft $ 1
  9. Didi I would dump Seagar for just about anyone breathing .
  10. 2 places