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  1. I was curious if this is coming back this year would definitely be interested in getting in again! Have a few friends interested also.
  2. I should have added it will be a PPR league. **bump**
  3. Willing to move to an IDP league if that interest the majority also. **Bump**
  4. Thanks for taking a look! I heard an interesting concept for a league and I’m hoping to give it a try. If anyone is interested and/or wants more details feel free to message me and/or post below! The league is a $25 16 team dynasty snake draft. Payout: $200 1st $100 2nd $50 3rd $25 2 division winners The difference in this league though is that the first 2 rounds each team will draft an actual team and then select ANY 5 players from the team + a defense or kicker (only 1 D-K from said team). Ex: Team A selects Atlanta and Arizona elected to keep: - Matt Ryan (1) - Josh Rosen (1) - DeVontae Freeman (2) - Tevin ColeMan (3) - David Johnson (2) - Julio Jones (4) - Calvin Ridley (5) - Chris Kirk (3) - Larry FitzGerald (4) - Ricky Seals-Jones (5) - Matt Bryant (ATL) - Arizona D/ST (AZ) The rest of the players will go back into the draft and we will continue selecting for 15 more rds. Once all 32 teams are selected everyone will be free to trade players an such to “build their team”. I am leaning using ESPN for the league but am currently undecided. So again let me know if your interested and get back to me!