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  1. 10 K's, only 1 run. That's the potential ace we drafted!
  2. Even w/o holds, his low WHIP and ERA are a benefit to any team, not to mentioned that K rate.
  3. Minter had a shaky outing last time.
  4. 2 HR's yesterday, has gotten extended time with so many injuries affected the Tiger's infield. What does everyone think about him?
  5. He's been a nice surprise this year. Mid 3 ERA, 57 strikeouts, 1.28 WHIP, which isn't bad. Nice numbers from a 200-250 pick.
  6. 10+ K's again. He's among the top 15 in that category. It would be nice to see his ERA go down, but playing in Coors offers him no favors. Still, the talent is there.
  7. 200+ innings and 200+ K pitchers are hard to find these days. His peripherals aren't great, but in leagues that count innings and K's, I'll take him. I bought low on him already.
  8. He'll find his form again. Only a matter of time. Too talented not to. His WHIP is still at 1.04, despite this rough stretch.
  9. https://www.fantasypros.com/2018/05/fantasy-baseball-middle-reliever-targets-week-6-2018/ He is mentioned in the Week 7 waiver wire pickups as well, but the blurb is short. I just picked him up. 1.02 ERA, 0.68 WHIP, great peripherals. With the turmoil at closer in ATL, I feel like he has a definite shot to become the closer. Thoughts?
  10. I like what I'm seeing from Winkler. Dude has been dominant in the middle reliever role all year long. I believe he will become the closer soon.
  11. 8 saves for the year though. I got him in round 26 of my draft. His role is safe, and in a league where closers aren't safe, I'll take that over a committee situation.
  12. He just picked up a save for the White Sox. With Soria under-performing, is he worth a pick up at this point?
  13. HR #2 of the day, this is the Schoop we all drafted!!!!!!!!!!!!