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  1. I’m hung up on meadows i think he can go like 17 hr 12-15 sb then I get killed no? I’m hung up on meadows
  2. 30 Team Dynasty, so theres nothing on the wire. I give Moncada A. Meadows Z. Godley I get Bennitendi
  3. I'm more worried about cody allen then otto
  4. Completely agree, i just read somewhere they want to use him multiple innings, and rotoworld keeps posting blurbs about ottavino or allen talking to rangers and that they would be favorites to close.
  5. Anyone else getting concerned with Leclerc? The Rangers are in on Cody Allen, and Adam Ottavino. Seems like they want Leclerc to pitch multiple innings and not use him at closer. I have him in a dynasty and am scrambling before they sign one of these guys
  6. I have been trying to get villar all offseason, i made a deal to get Anderson yesterday, and now i have him, but the Villar owner came to me (White Sox fan) and asked for anderson for villar. Who do we prefer in a dynasty.
  7. We had an owner bail in a 30 team league, right during our Free Agency offseason period. You will be taking the Red Sox in its 4th year of the league If anyone is interested in checking this league out, please sign up on the boards, CHECK IT OUT (you won't be disappointed) once you sign up, i will PM you on pro boards. www.highheatfuture.proboards.com
  8. I trade Mcneil and Merril Kelly for Tim Anderson in a keep all dynasty. Pure value, thanks
  9. I trade: Matt Carpnerter Zach Wheeler Jesse Winker for Max Scherzer needs aside, pure value, pure deal. do i make it?