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  1. I've had several owners in my basketball league talk about how the league was the most fun/active they had been in (considering it is a free league). I plan to run this league in a similar way so looking for the most active owners only of course
  2. Its open for discussion in the discord once the league is filled. I thought I had it set for 12 teams making the playoffs with 4 teams getting a 1st round bye. I like it that way so it gives way for more teams trying to be competitive to make the playoffs.
  3. I did something similar for the 2018-2019 basketball season and it has been a big success and very fun/active so I am hoping to do the same thing this year for baseball. - Free League on ESPN - 20 Teams - H2H Each Category 6 hitting, 6 pitching - Deep Rosters : currently 40 rosters slots with 30 keepers each year - All major and minor league players on one roster so its up to you to decide how to balance your roster with prospects and veterans - Mandatory to join the discord server to be easily able to communicate and talk trades etc. - Link to the league - Draft date and draft order is TBD. - Any questions or concerns let me know
  4. There is one more available team in this league if someone is interested.
  5. This league is very active considering it is free (There has been 38 trades so far this year, and there is a weekly league power rankings) , and the owner I am replacing wasn't fully committed like the rest of us. - 20 Teams -ESPN -H2H Most Categories -15 Man Roster, Keep 13 -MANDATORY to join our league's discord group to be able to communicate easier/discuss trades/ etc. -Link to team -Respond here or pm me with any questions or inquiries to join
  6. 1-3 openings left, depending on if I accept these guys, must be willing to join the discord