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  1. Hello all! I have a league on Sleeper going into the second year. It is a small scale keeper league where you are allowed to keep two players on your team that were not drafted in the first three rounds. DM me for more information and I can get you set up with the league. Good group of guys who like to mess around and active with trading.
  2. Hello all. PPR, 12 teams, $100 buy in but we are collecting first two seasons to ensure no quitters. Also, this is a league mainly of people who I have played fantasy sports with for years. We are all knowledgable and like to have a good time.
  3. Hello all. $100 buy in each year for a dynasty league. For the first season we are collecting two years in advance so $200 to make sure everybody stays. League is most likely being ran on sleeper. Please get in touch if interested.
  4. PM for anymore info. It is such a fun league trust me. Good group of guys.
  5. PM for more information.
  6. PM for league info.
  8. Hit me up for more info, looking for dedicated owners.
  9. If you want more info message me. Good league ran by good people.
  10. Hello I run a keeper 10 team league on ESPN it is $75! Message me your email and name so I can add you to the league and Facebook chat!! -Matt
  11. Hello, I run a ten team keeper league on ESPN, looking for ONE MORE OWNER!! PM me if interested! -Matt
  12. Hello we have one spot remaining for this league!! PM me if interested! -Matt
  13. Hello, I am looking to add two owners to finalize my first year keeper league. Been running fantasy leagues for awhile now and I have a solid core of guys. PM me and I can get you guys added to the league chat and to the league itself.
  14. Hello, PM me on here for more information, I currently need two more spots for our keeper league to take place. It is a $75 buy in. Have run multiple leagues before. -Matt
  15. Hi here are the league rules: If the rules sound good to you I can add you guys to the team chat where we will begin voting on league changes for the upcoming season this week. If you are interested PM ME YOUR EMAIL and we can talk further there. -Matt