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  1. Yes!!! Sounds like me vs Eovaldi. Against the Giants...I'm sick.,
  2. Severino looking good!!! Although it is against the lowly Angels who are without Trout and one of the worst teams in baseball. Still GREAT to see!
  3. Woodruff is starting the game and Gio is expected to follow him. I assume they'll do something similar for the remaining 2 starts. My opponent started both Gio and Woodruff in a 2-week finals period. I have 3 finals matchups and 2 of them started both Gio and Woodruff. I think originally they were both expected to get their own starts? But that doesn't seem to be the case now. I'm thinking they both made mistakes starting those 2 guys but I'm not too sure since one has a good chance on the win and in limited use they could have shutdown innings. IP, QS, W, K's are highly-important on Fantrax. W's and K's are probably most important, but IP of course. But if you get 5IP 10K's and W then thats a great start for points. Thoughts on if there might be some strategy? Using 2 of their 9 SP on those 2 guys
  4. 2-week final period. The following are players that should get 3 starts during that period. W, QS, and K are highly valued. Most importance on W over L and strikeouts (assuming they go long enough to qualify for the W) Please rank these, as I may opt to go with more than 1...Let me know if you think I should avoid them and why. I'm personally leading towards Garrett Richards being my top choice. I don't like Thornton because of the NYY matchup, might as well go with a 2-starter. Clay Buchholz TOR - (@BAL) (BAL) (TB) Garrett Richards SD - (@MIL) (ARI) (@ARI) Trent Thornton TOR - (@BAL) (@NYY) (TB) Jorge Lopez KC - (@OAK) (@MIN) (MIN)
  5. Unreal. Another big day. Can't risk starting him in the final period though.
  6. Anyone know if he's having his start skipped? He's the probable starter for Saturday suddenly when he should be starting this Tuesday. @KilloWertz
  7. Another league this clown pitches Drew Smyly against me in 2 leagues. He pitches 2 great games and gets 2 wins..amazing
  8. Unbelievable.. I get into the playoffs and first round have a team with Trout, Springer, and Javier Baez barely any ABs from them this week. This year of fantasy has been unreal.
  9. Anyone using MLB TV? Wth its not working for me. At least for the Dodgers game.
  10. More atrocious HP umpiring in the Yankees game. Terrible strike calls. Gleyber is halfway home and the HP umpire stops the play and calls time?!? Somehow the umpiring continues to get worse.
  11. These umpires are a disgrace. Terrible HP umpiring in the Yankees game. Blows the call and hears a bit of talking from the dugout..stares into the dugout and immediately starts ejecting players. Boone, Gardner,and CC ejected. Disrupted a great game.
  12. Yea he's nearing drop status even in 12-teamers. Its now late in the season and the M's suck. Not a great park. 2nd half slump is real.
  13. More braindead umpiring in the Yankee game. Cameron Maybin hits the ball for a basehit. Umpires call him back and say it was a foul ball because it hit the bat twice. Replay shows how poor of a call it was as it didn't come close to hitting the bat twice.