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  1. I thought he had a much better year last year. Overall it wasn't that great. I don't think he's going to be on my team for long.
  2. What do people think about the Cubs situation? I drafted Carl Edwards Jr. with like my very last pick of the draft I think he has a chance to be closer but they might go with a "closer by committee"
  3. Kicking myself for a draft pick. I had 1 pick and then another one 2 picks later. so 1, x, x, 1. I wanted to take Miguel Andujar with the 2nd of those picks. He was still down the list a bit so I gambled. I took Edwin Diaz who was near the top of the list. I took Diaz and the next guy took Andujar. I ended up with Jose Abreu with my next pick blehhh. Prob should've gambled that the guy was going to take hitters.
  4. Hicks? He had another setback dealing with a bad back. There's a chance Bird and Voit both make the team
  5. .242/.342/.545 in Spring Training. How is that an "awful spring"
  6. The balls he hits seem to be middle of the plate.But I'd take .267 with his power. He is going late in drafts, I prob should've took him but I'm pretty down on him. Preferred other players that were on the board.
  7. 12-team weekly h2h poits. Round/overall pick C Molina, Yadier - STL 16/182 1B Abreu, José - CHW 6/62 2B Hernández, César - PHI 13/155 3B Wendle, Joey - TB 21/251 SS DeJong, Paul - STL 15/179 CI Voit, Luke - NYY 12/134 MI Goodrum, Niko - DET 20/230 OF Acuña Jr., Ronald - ATL 1/11 OF Judge, Aaron - NYY 2/14 OF Laureano, Ramón - OAK 17/203 OF Mazara, Nomar - TEX 11/131 OF Inciarte, Ender - ATL 14/158 UT Castellanos, Nicholas - DET 8/86 P Syndergaard, Noah - NYM 3/35 P Buehler, Walker - LAD 4/38 P Díaz, Edwin - NYM 5/59 P Chapman, Aroldis - NYY 7/83 P Treinen, Blake - OAK 9/107 P Osuna, Roberto - HOU 10/110 P McHugh, Collin - HOU 19/227 P Robertson, David - PHI 23/275 P Toussaint, Touki - ATL 24/278 Bench: MI Adames, Willy - TB 18/206 1B White, Tyler - HOU 22/254 P DeSclafani, Anthony - CIN 25/299 P May, Trevor - MIN 26/302 P Yarbrough, Ryan - TB 27/323 P Germán, Domingo - NYY 28/326 P Colomé, Alex - CHW 29/347 P Edwards Jr., Carl - CHC
  8. Weekly H2H points league on Fantrax. Definitely thinking 2 hitters here. Who would you eye for your first 2 picks in a snake draft?
  9. I should've been here doing my homework for weeks at least! First fantasy draft tonight. Procrastinated a lot, usually start doing them sooner. I'm pick #10 of 12 in the draft
  10. DJ is the everyday 2B, period. I also see him hitting 1st or 2nd in the Yankees order. High OBP, solid contact hitter with low strikeouts. DJ Hicks Judge Stanton Andujar Sanchez Voit/Bird Gardner/Frazier Torres
  11. Just get rid of Boone now and we'll win it all.
  12. Nope, it doesn't really have any bearing on Torres. 34-year old Tulo isn't going to force Andujar or Torres into part-time roles. If Tulo's hitting then they'll find ways to get him playing time. Right now he's the teams utility infielder.
  13. Voit is a real poor fielder. But I'm not expecting much from Tulo either. I could see a situation, especially when Didi gets back, where its best to go DJ at 2nd, Torres at 3rd, Andujar at 1st, Voit at DH, and Stanton in LF. Though Yankees are still hopeful on Bird, who is just 26 years old. Much better fielder than Voit and a LH bat. Perhaps he can get himself on the right track in 2019.
  14. 34 years old and could never stay healthy. I'd be surprised if he makes it healthy through Spring Training. Its a longshot but no risk to the Yankees.
  15. DJ is a good depth signing for the Yankees. He'll be more of a utility infielder. Tulo is not playing everyday. They're going to do their best to keep him heathy and productive. Maybe he'll play 60% of the games in the field while Didi is out. It's pretty evident they're not pursuing Machado any longer. The other 2 teams (ChiSox, Phillies) want him more.