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  1. lordy! You can get Nunez or Cain in the same spot with almost guaranteed numbers Acuna should be around 110-130 unless you know for sure he is gonna be 20/30 and even at that no way he hits over 270 IMO at least
  2. In my mocks he has been going around 70, that might be a tad low not sure
  3. You guys think 95 overall is to high? I had Olson at that spot I wanted to draft during my roto draft Wednesday but worry Albies will not make it back to me my next pick
  4. I have been with Y for a few years but get sick of the draft messing up and we have no control Does CBS commissioner allow me to totally control our draft (i.e. stop, pause, back out of picks............?)
  5. Ohtani all day long. Gonna be a stud SP for 10 years barring TJ Much easier to find a 15/25 IF
  6. Put the Kool-Aid down, Segura, not even close............