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  1. Well i am a Yankee fan and i had Paxton on my fantasy team for the past two years so i suppose i am biased but i do believe this could be his year
  2. I think this is the year when he finally breaks out and becomes one of the top starting pitchers in baseball. The stuff is there to give him that cy young type season and a new team might finally push him to greatness even though his new ballpark is a downgrade. I took him over Bauer as my SP2 and i hope i made the right call
  3. Well Mike Franscesa who is the sports pope in NY said that Voit should get the 1st shot and they yankees would be foolish if they sent Voit down
  4. The NY Sports radio guys are saying Voit will win the job, not bird.
  5. i hope so! he is still talented and has an nasty splitter. He just needs to cut out the long ball and perhaps that ERA can fall under 3
  6. Cashman was on WFAN before and mentioned that the most likely scenario is that either Bird or Voit will make the team...not both
  7. Still very young (25 years old i believe). Could get 40 Hrs
  8. I think this is going to be a timeshare throughout the season with Voit getting majority of ABS'S. it would be smart to draft both players
  9. I lost by a point and now that Zeke stat correction won me the game and I am in the championship. Wow!
  10. No i never owned Bell but i am facing the guy who owns conner in the playoffs
  11. i see this as karma...especially for those who picked up James Conner without owning Bell
  12. Marlon Mack or Matt Breida? I have Zeke and Chubb as RB1 and RB2 so i have depth as you can see. I leaning towards Mack but they both have huge machups
  13. so does the cowboys getting cooper helps Zeke value..Perhaps teams wont crowd the line and have to respect the passing game which can help Zeke moving forward