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  1. Still gauging interest out there. If you enjoy an active and challenging league. this is it.
  2. Hello,The JAMM league is looking for a single replacement owner who is active and serious about their fantasy hockey. We are a group of 11 highly active owners, looking to replace an existing owner that unfortunately cannot continue with us due to personal reasons. We are a paid pool, please ask questions and do your diligence, as we certainly do ours. Our entrance fee is $95 for next season. Message me for the complete rulebook. Key Features: 5th year - well oiled machine Owners range from 180 to 350 log ins per season (yea we love our hockey!) Active Rosters include 10 forward spots/ 5 defence/ 2 goalie - 5 reserve spots 12 man farm system (players are permitted to have up to 164 NHL games experience (120 for goalies) or up until age 25) Keepers: 8 NHL keepers, 12 Farm club keepers We are a Fantrax Premium member and have a lifelong membership 100% of our fees get recycled into prizes We offer 3 years of draft pick trading - 20 rounds each draft Lots of activity and trading (we are at +25 trades on the season) We have 5 week rotisserie playoff structure (last 5 weeks of regular season) Stats Categories: F-G,F-A,D-G,D-A, +/-, Truc (hits + Blocks + PM), PPP, SHP, GAA, SV%, SV, SO, Goalie Wins lots of trash talking, super competitive. Record Book of Owner accomplishments If you have interest, please contact me, and i'll grant you access to view our league.Thank you,Matt