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  1. Im leaving the house for a draft, then to the airport....
  2. Hate to ask, but could we push the draft out 30 minutes to 430 EST? I land GB at 256 central.... just worried about a slight delay or something and I could miss it.... appreciate the flexibility
  3. FYI, you will need all spots filled an hour before or espn kicks ya
  4. We sold on 12, can we cut down to 10 and only look for 1 team, ill throw some feelers out there
  5. Just a reminder, will need to drop if we cant pull this off tonight
  6. Sorry could not get in till I got home.... I will pay in league safe as soon as I know were drafting tonight, cant draft tomorrow and why bother with the hassle of a refund..... I am in there, Team Martul
  7. Yes, I am looking for a money league.... auction or snake draft.... keeper or not.... would prefer auction/keepers... but Please email me details.
  8. Please let me know if you need one, available anytime on FRIDAY...... otherwise I am headed to the Frozen Tundra for the weekend! You can email me direct with details at
  9. I would be interested..... email me at
  10. I would be interested... but feels like not coming in with any keeper and 7 teams getting to keep 3 seems a bit unfair. Why not put the 21 players being kept in a pool and let the 3 new owners draft one of them or something.... or is this a free league?
  11. Or if that one is being block, as its my work... try this one