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  1. Are you looking for a 9 team league.? Assuming there are 10 teams in the league at $100 per team that equals $1,000 total pay In. When you add the first second and third place winnings that only comes to $900. Where does the extra $100 go?
  2. I'm interested. Please send me an invite (email address below) to look at the league.
  3. I have the same concern as the guy above, that being the date of the draft. I don't want to join and find out that the consensus of the league is to draft on a day that I already have another draft. please email me:
  4. This looks good but more information would be helpful: 1) Is this daily or weekly? 2) Is this roto or head to head categories? 3) How are waivers handled? 4) Where is the league hosted?
  5. Is this a daily or weekly league? What are the roster positions? I'm not sure what ESPN's basic rules are. Please email me the league settings.
  6. I pasted the link into my browser and it says "You cannot view this private league because you are not a league member. Click here to create or join a league." I'm interested but need more info.