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  1. Deserve to lose after that play call on 3rd and1.....
  2. It's been happening since double check came back in.
  3. Nope.... heard footsteps of Mack.
  4. Only a week of practice maybe.... I think it will be due to Rodgers getting that ball out in 1.5 seconds flat.
  5. Rodgers just said Mack you da real MVP
  6. Aaron Rodgers 2018 Outlook

    May want to keep him out regardless. Bears D looks absolutely vicious!
  7. Aaron Rodgers 2018 Outlook

    Just came out of the tunnel. Gonna give it a go.
  8. Aaron Rodgers 2018 Outlook

    Sad seeing a great player go down. Being a Lions fan wouldn't mind not having to face him this year.
  9. Marquise Goodwin 2018 Outlook

    Nah I think he will be back by next wk.
  10. Marquise Goodwin 2018 Outlook

    Hurt all game long. Tried coming back in but couldn't make a go of it.
  11. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Soto is a stud plain and simple! Love having the kid in my dynasty. Really wish this thread would turn back into the fun ride it used to be. Kid is 19 and doing unprecedented things! As Colio says.... Hey, come on, come along take a ride There's a party over there, that ain't no jive It's live, live, it's all the way live Don't even have to walk, don't even have to drive…
  12. Ozzie Albies 2018 Outlook

    So.... yah not happy with 34??? Stud. He will be on my dynasty team for years!
  13. Ozzie Albies 2018 Outlook

    Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie can't you see sometimes your moves just hypnotize me!!! Mr. All-star baby!!!!
  14. Kyle Tucker 2018 Outlook

    Feels like I have been waiting forever!!
  15. Christin Stewart - OF Tigers

    Pulled from the game tonight. Anyone have any news on this?