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  1. This one I can agree more with but who knows where Grandal plays.
  2. You can retry your top 5 in the NL again. Your last one was a joke after the top 3. Alfaro and Posey will firmly be drafted under Kelly. So
  3. Anyone seeing info on his status for today? I have come across nothing yet. Really need this guy down the stretch.
  4. Flat 9ut Manster. Might be allot peoples MVPs who own Vlad. His sheer presence seemed to invigorate him.
  5. Maybe cdub2k is the Arizona manager... and Al Avila is squarely in that big gap between Contreras and Alfaro!!
  6. Yelich For Hoskins, Conforto, Kirilloff, Brendan Rodgers Btw points for steals in this league PLEASE HELP! is this enough for Yelich?
  7. I got the feels going. Been holding this kid awhile in dynasty!!
  8. Seriously, people need to chillax. Kid had one of the best hit tool in the minors. Give him some time where he is not pressing. Still worried about the corpse of Ian Kinsler will haunt him.
  9. Great advice as usual Rush. Please don't clog up my thread with your nonsense. Anyone reading this that thinks I am a jerk. Look at his responses on everything he comments on.... dude is the definition of troll. Same stupid response for every question.
  10. Agree with everything he said.
  11. Who would you rather lose to acquire Muncy? Andujar or Mancini? This is a dynasty keep forever.