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  1. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    I think most of you guys are just kinda ignoring the facts. He literally played 9 games all of last season, even after getting cleared by his teams medical staff. Anyone who owned him last season could have warned you of the monumental headache that he was. Even after taking out last season hes still averaged well below 70 games a season for his career. He's on pace to play 60 games this season, where you guys really expecting much more? He plays on the best team in his conference that has already shown they don't even need him to win against 80/90% of the teams in the league. And I wouldn't consider myself a 'Kawhi white night' by any means, if anything I think all the rest is ridiculous too, not just for Kawhi but for all the nba. I think it's part of a much larger problem - the nba schedule is too condensed, the length of the season should be extended and the off-season slightly decreased imo. At the end of the day all I'm saying is drafting Kawhi was no one's choice but your own and blaming others is kinda weak.
  2. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    So what should they do, force the raptors to play their best lineup every single game no matter what? Why would they push their players to exhaustion to play meaningless games now instead of waiting for the playoffs? Any smart team would do the same, and considering the raptors are in 2nd I think they might know what they're doing. We get it, you drafted Kawhi and are upset, but this is 100% on you not on the raptors, or Kawhi, or Adam silver. He played 9 games all of last season even after getting cleared by his teams medical staff. Anyone who pays any attention could have told you this is exactly what you were going to get with Kawhi. In fact, one could even argue he's played more games than expected. You need to man up and shoulder the blame not blame others for a decision that you made on your own.
  3. Spencer Dinwiddie 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I dont know the exact numbers he was posting but early in the season when Levert was healthy he wasnt owned in my league ever. It wasnt till the Caris injury that he started to shine. With Levert already getting 30 minutes tonight I think it will be tough for Spencer to have a similar impact to what he was doing pre injury. And also the Nets have one of the worst playoff schedules so I think he's only worth holding in deep leagues.
  4. Marc Gasol 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Biggest issue for Gasol is how big Siakam is balling. With him playing so well the odds of Ibaka and Gasol getting minutes together is pretty low, that leaves him in an almost straight timeshare for the center minutes (with Ibaka getting a couple mins at the 4 too).
  5. Kris Dunn 2018-2019 Season Thread

    Obviously he sucked tonight but I didn't expect much going against the Bucks and Bledsoe. Still would have wanted a bit more. Not like dropping is really an option tho just got to ride it out.
  6. Kris Dunn 2018-2019 Season Thread

    Every Bulls game I've watched he's played fine. Good defender, great mid-range shooter, great passer. He's a below average three point shooter but outside of that there are few holes in his game. I honestly just think the bulls are one of the worst organizations around right now and are a bit clueless. Dunn as their starting pg has to be the least of their worries. Hiring a competent coach and not trading away decent young players for late second round picks should be their main focus.
  7. Kris Dunn 2018-2019 Season Thread

    So once again like I said, he had 3 tonight... What a curious time to complain about steals. The bulls are tanking so hard it's obvious we're gonna see an affect on production. At this point Im just happy with what I get from him and that he's not 'injured'
  8. Kris Dunn 2018-2019 Season Thread

    He had 3 steals tonight?? What more do you want?
  9. Yes, I love when my best player rests on a Saturday in a close matchup. I love fantasy basketball
  10. Caris LeVert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    So excited he's back, one of my favorite players in real life! Levert season let's go!
  11. Devin Booker 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    f--- this soft piece of tissue paper and his absolute trashcan of an organization
  12. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    This guys good but hes no Siakam
  13. LMAO I've never jinxed something so hard in my life. 5 3s and 19 points in the 1st half and nothing in the 2nd. Gah what a waste of a pickup.
  14. Pascal Siakam 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I love you Siakam. I'm sorry I ever doubted you. Take me all the way to the ship!!
  15. Domantas Sabonis 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    In a points league too and this is just brutal. The timeshare has been killing him lately. Really wish the Pacers would have just traded him, it makes no sense to have two centers that good. He needs to be a starter on a different team he is just too good at basketball to be a back up center.