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  1. I need 21 points from Rams D.... I'll see you all in the vent and rant thread after the game
  2. 👎👎 2 out of 3 games worse than his worst game all of last season. I'm gonna have to consider benching my first round pick in any matchup against above average defenses. Bummer
  3. Its literally D/ST. Do you not want points when yours returns a kickoff or punt?
  4. Boyd please do something bro, you're gonna lose so many matchups for people.
  5. He had a bad game last week and was saved by a garbage time bomb
  6. Xavien Howard ******** blows. Getting killed by Amari
  7. He avoided getting tackled 3 times and added 6 yards to the play. You say you don't hate Kerryon but it's blatantly obvious what your agenda is. Idk why you hate him so much but your bias is clearly clouting your judgement.
  8. Just stop dude, you're using a play where he scored a 30 yard TD as a knock against him. We get it you hate KJ, stop repeating this same nonsense over and over again.
  9. Mental gymnastics by fournette owners trying to justify this performance
  10. As good as the Jags D has been theyve been remarkably bad on 3rd down. Henry could have 3 points but somehow has 11 after an awful game.
  11. Who's throwing dimes and looking great. You can't blame Fournette's awfulness on Minshew