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  1. 5/23 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Are you saying you wouldn't?
  2. St. Louis Cardinals 2018 Outlook

    I'm not sure what Luke Weaver you're watching that's so awful, but you should probably make an appointment for an optometrist anyways. Wanting to trade him, especially with the implication that he's somehow bad, is ridiculous. He's a fine pitcher.
  3. 5/23 - GAME DAY THREAD

    This is such a dumb take lmao.
  4. St. Louis Cardinals 2018 Outlook

    He strikes people out, has generally kept the walks in control, induces a healthy amount of groundballs and has limited the long balls he gives up. He's a Top 30 pitcher, this shouldn't need explaining.
  5. 5/23 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Probably because he doesn't hit nearly as many 0/4 nights as you think he does
  6. Tyler O'Neill 2018 Outlook

    No problem. Like I said, I think that analysis of Bader also severely overlooks his CF defense, which is currently rated as among the best (might even be the best) in the league. I know Tyler is playing CF tonight, but I can't imagine they're going to run out an OF of Ozuna-O'Neill-Fowler that often, because defensively that looks pretty rough. Which is why I would think unless Tyler stays searing hot (a definite possibility mind you!), Bader is going to continue finding ABs as a late inning defensive replacement, and Pham's fill-in on off days.
  7. St. Louis Cardinals 2018 Outlook

    Yeah, Kelvin isn't my favorite guy, but if we're going for a short-term RP rental I'd definitely consider that. Obviously it'd depend on cost, but yeah. LMAO, this is such an awful take.
  8. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    I don't think there's anything really wrong with Fangraphs' prospect grades. Like with anything, you have to know what they are, how they're created and how to use them. In the case of FG's grades I think they're often conservative and can have certain trends particular to the scouts. Look at Eloy Jimenez. Kid hits like .300/.350/.500 across the minors, and his hit tool is graded out as a 30/50. That's fine, but it's because both of them must have been conservatively graded because of their little time spent above or at AA. Every prospect scout gets stuff embarrassingly wrong though anyways, so it's hardly a big deal.
  9. St. Louis Cardinals 2018 Outlook

    If I could choose anything? It'd depend on how long we're upgrading the position I guess. Longterm, I'd want a good 3B that will be around for a while (read: not a Manny-esque rental). If we're talking a short-term upgrade though, like "pushing the chips in for 2018" (which I'm still pretty vehemently against unless they grow a decent lead in the division), I guess I wouldn't be opposed to a super-elite bullpen arm if that's available, since that's the team's weakest area. Top 10 starting corp compared to a Bottom 5 relieving corp.
  10. Tyler O'Neill 2018 Outlook

    I’m surprised they’d stick Tyler into CF and then stick both of Ozuna and Fowler in the lineup. We’ll see how it works.
  11. Tyler O'Neill 2018 Outlook

    K% is up, but BB% is up. Hard contact isn't actually down, it's almost the same as last year. It's medium contact actually which has dropped and caused the soft rise. Yes, a lot of his batting is probably unsustainable. But his fielding and legs give him fallback tools to get him into the lineup that O'Neill doesn't have.
  12. Tyler O'Neill 2018 Outlook

    Bader is hardly a non-factor in O'Neill's quest for playing time. The kid has acquitted himself quite well this year both offensively and defensively.
  13. St. Louis Cardinals 2018 Outlook

    If you're asking about who we have in development, Dakota Hudson is pretty damn good, as is Ryan Helsley. There are others, but those are probably the two brightest pitching sparks left in the system right now.
  14. Tyler O'Neill 2018 Outlook

    Pham would have to struggle a lot more and a lot longer for him to be in any danger of losing ABs. I think think people are forgetting though that there are really five OFs for the three spots. And Tyler is going to get good competition from the other young backup (Bader).
  15. Tyler O'Neill 2018 Outlook

    The Cards did manage to get another NTC guy to go away last year (Leake), so maybe they could do it with Dex. But it's a pretty tough situation.