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  1. Aside from specifics on how much of a "monster" Corporal Descalso is, if you have a really, really negative glove you could play yourself off the field in terms of value. I don't think Danny has done that, but he's not really a good defender for sure.
  2. One of only 14 players to hit 150 HRs before his 25th birthday! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Nothing better on my wire really, so I'm going to.
  4. Similar thing to what the Cardinals did with Grichuk. You send him back to A ball because it's where your Spring facilities are, and he can work on his swing and some other adjustments with very little pressure.
  5. I wasn't suggesting Peraza should be losing out to Senzel directly. You could easily stick Suarez back at SS and then let Senzel get occasional reps there as well. Point is, there is an INF spot open if they want him to get time. He doesn't have to take the spot directly though.
  6. Well, guess I should have expected that.
  7. Gant would probably come back into the rotation again. Hudson is pretty good too. And if he gets healthy, maybe Helsey down the road, but I bet they're going to treat him with kid gloves anyways.
  8. Senzel might be able to play it, but he'd probably need some in-game reps before he could get the call. Fangraphs toyed with the idea in a post-DeJong world back before the season. I was actually thinking that Senzel could get called up to 3B, which would push Suarez back to SS. He's a pretty s--- SS, but if they want to start working on Senzel's development, maybe they do it anyways, defense be damned so that Senzel can get some reps around the INF at 3B, 2B and SS.
  9. I don't see why we'd assume Scooter would be the odd-man out here. If anyone loses playing time, it's going to be Peraza, who blows. And since he sucks so much, it wouldn't be hard for the Reds to actually find every day playing time for him.
  10. You joke, but his bad years have all been even-numbered.
  11. I can't believe I almost considered leaving him out of my lineup this week. Start your studs.
  12. Every player on that team should be salty about how piss-poor the offense is. It's an embarrassing abomination.
  13. If they continue being this bad through the ASB, I could see them sell some of the slightly older parts off and reloading with the returns. Not that DeGrom is exactly "old," but he's 29 to Thor's 25, and maybe they'd rather reload/rebuild around him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. My league doesn't even use wins or QS, but God I hope the guy gets traded to a contender soon. The Mets don't deserve to be wasting his talent like this.
  15. I think you mean June, those are his June numbers. It's really not that amazing when his season line still only stands at .273/.323/.412. He's having a nice month finally, but he's hasn't been tearing the cover off the ball like other frankly better prospects were (to say nothing of his fielding that still needs work). He'll get called up when he strings some consistency together.
  16. I'm not sure how much fantasy impact he's going to have, but in terms of real-life stuff, this is a very cool, feel-good moment to see him make it after that scary injury last year. Plus as said already, he's got a 80 grade name.
  17. Yeah, he definitely didn't do himself any favors with how wild he was at times, but the ump got some calls so clearly wrong it was shocking. Ump should be given a sabbatical, an eye-exam or forcibly retired. And Carlos probably could have used a little more rehab honestly.
  18. The AJ discussion isn’t necessarily wholly relevant to a Vlad discussion. We have people who seem to believe the injury is a fabrication. A large part of AJ’s complaint was about if they kept him on an injured status too long, but another part was centered on “where” the injury happens. Regardless, this is all hypothetical and silly. I see no reason to believe the Jays are going to do this, and I see no reason that Vlad would take it lying down if it did.
  19. I can't think of a case, because I think we've entered tinfoil hat conspiracy land of things that don't really happen. So I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be discussing with you asking for a "precedent" for something that would be outrageous, burn basically every possible bridge with an athlete/agent as well as future talent and probably be illegal. Service time manipulation sucks, but I also don't see any basis for claiming that the Jays are the kind of organization that makes up medical data to get out of paying a player. This isn't the Mets and the Wilpons, or some other dumbass org.
  20. This thread has gone fully into tinfoil hat territory. There are two issues here. First of all, I don't see how a player is ever going to go along with a "phantom DL" stint unless it somehow benefits them. When we see it at the MLB level, it's going on with guys who can use breaks to cover for injury histories. E.g., your Rich Hill's of the world. Would Vlad benefit from this? Second, as many "phantom DL" stints as there are, these reports are still checked and reviewed by medical professionals at multiple levels. Given Vlad's elevated status, there's next to zero chance that any DL stints involving him aren't being double and triple checked for shenanigans.
  21. He wasn't right today, but the ump really finished him off.
  22. Reason #432,023,946 that we need robo umps. Egregiously bad. Not as bad as this call for the Orioles though!
  23. It's a lot of walks, and besides the Votto walks, a bunch of the calls seemed pretty borderline to me. Actually the calls both ways don't seem great.
  24. It’s really horrific that in that lineup, he can’t buy an RBI to save his life.