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  1. NO RISK, I GIVE U $60 IF U WIN, U PAY NOTHING Its free money basically, if u can win - BE ACTIVE -espn: draft 3/20 9pm eastern -leaguesafe. -Settings: auction. h2h cats: restrictions on #of starts per week to 12 and # of rps on a roster to 4. -Need 5. -same group of 4 playing for 10 years, we did this last year and was fun. We just want an active league and the prize is to entice ppl to be active all year so i put a little money in and give it all to the winner. YOU DONT NEED TO PAY. Winner gets $60 -HOW IT WORKS: u join our leaguesafe and i set your buy-in to 0 and come end of the season, if u win, i GIVE U THE $60 PRIZE -Email: