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  1. PPR Hockenson is practicing probabbly will play @ Green Bay Witten @ NYJ
  2. TY You are not in desperate need for a QB but I would try Ronald Jones and Brissett for Ryan. He needs a back and it does upgrade your team
  3. I offered. I thought about Mixon and Golladay but thought it was too rich
  4. Minshew, not close either
  5. I do not like any, price to low on OBJ
  6. PPR I used my #1 waiver to pick up Chase Edmonds so I thought throw a trade out for DJ Give Joe Mixon and Frank Gore Get David Johnson
  7. Redraft PPR Kenny Golladay and Miles Sanders for DJ Chark and DeSean Jackson
  8. Think he ends the year right on par with Golladay? I think 85 catches and 10 TD's is on the horizon for Chark
  9. PPR need 2 Chris Thompson vs New England Frank Gore @ Tennessee DJ Chark @ Carolina Courtland Sutton @ LA
  10. PPR redraft He wanted Adams instead of Lockett at first, is that ok? Give Chark, Gore and Lockett Get Barkley
  11. How much WHIP can be lost in a week?\ I lead my league at 1.14, the next 2 owners are 1.17 and 1.18 I need wins and K's but worry about using Wainwright and Homer Bailey for the 2 starts, even though both have looked great late
  12. One more appearance @ Coors Saturday. Not a bad MR to throw out their but @ Coors is worrisome
  13. Any word on his PT this week? Weekly leagues, I cannot afford a fat 0 all week at SS
  14. I'd drop Jackson for Thompson personally