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  1. 5x5 Would this be enough to get Areando? Would I have to throw in any more?
  2. If someone would have told me I would be benching Thor for CC this year, I would have laughed so hard i'd split my side! Well it's happening
  3. Yeah I feel the same. His speed is diminishing with age, soon will be 4-5 a year. Power is not big, if he ever hit 30 before the age of 30 it would shock me Batting eye never been great, always will be a 250-260 hitter But like you said price is right roll with the red head bomber
  4. Love McNeil and Reyes but you have nobody to drop mate
  5. Comparing Sale to Nola, ha! Nola has just sucked! Sale has not been Sale no comparison
  6. Lovelady was dropped, does he really have a shot over Kennedy?
  7. I did just his yesterday morning. I think last years second half had people over valuing Wheeler. He is a nice #3-4 starter with a few hot streaks in him, nothing more, nothing less, a solid $10 SP
  8. Getting ready for rehab assignment, so maybe he is back in 25-35 days?
  9. If he can locate the FB better, sky's the limit! He added a splitter and curve, ditching the change and curve Last year the Pirates at him up, well not this year. If this is sign of things to come, there is only about 7-10 more days to get on board before he shows it again and again.
  10. I would say without an injury he is safe, and actually expected to blow 3-4 saves a month with his velo issues.
  11. Deep 14 team league Need a 1B for a while I like Yonder as a quiet guy to get 22-25 HR but Guzman may break out a bit, what would you do?
  12. Not really, he is impersonating Mazara I think, he will toy with us for 3,4 years then out of the blue, boom 37 homers!
  13. What in the hell is going on in this Padre outfield? Is anyone going to have more than 450 AB's
  14. Still buying he is fine. Chris Sale knows he is one of the best and it just takes him several starts and some adrenaline to get going. For those selling at 75 cents on the dollar, you lose. Would not surprise me if he is intentionally trying to breeze through his first few starts because on paper they are "easy". Well they were not easy so ramp it up bro!