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  1. Yea I think Semien is due for regression and you got a great great pitcher. This is a good trade
  2. The other best pitchers he has are Folty, hendricks, gausman, and boyd. He shied away from Folty but I like German just as much as the rest
  3. This particular team doesn’t have any aces or underperforming SP1s and I like these two guys a lot, potential SP3s or maybe SP2 if their production continues. Just my opinion though
  4. I definitely like this trade, you get all the upside. Huge fan of Marquez, got him in most of my drafts because I thought he was undervalued and he has not disappointed.
  5. 5 keeper 5x5 Roto league. I really need pitching and I still have Voit and Matt Olson soon at 1B. Is Pete alonso for Trevor Williams and Domingo German a good trade?
  6. What if I told you there was a surplus of OF's on your team and shortage of 2B and SS? To be specific: 2B/SS: Jurickson Profar, Cole Tucker, Chris Taylor, Eric Sogard IL: Segura OF: Benintendi, Bellinger (usually at 1B though), Mancini, Clint Frazier, Alex Verdugo IL: Starling Marte 1 2B, 1 SS, and 3 OF in lineup Would you still prefer Benintendi?
  7. In a 20 team roto dynasty league, who would you rather have at face value?
  8. As much as I love me some Acuna I don't think I like this trade. I think you'd be selling low on Benintendi too. Yelich is reigning MVP and looks like it again this year, while Stanton's still on IL Kershaw could be there again and may not be as valuable anymore.
  9. Agree with you on liking Fraziers upside but I would take Puig. As hot as he is, clint will get significantly fewer AB's when Yankees get Hicks back really soon and Stanton eventually after that.
  10. I was offered Jeff McNeil and Matt Shoemaker for JoRam. This seemed like the most egregious attempt at a buy low sell high trade I've seen and I wondered if there was anyone out there who would consider it.
  11. I actually think this is a no brainer trade to make with Diaz. I guess I'm not as high on mondesi or rendon, but even if you are, you're getting three studs for two
  12. A lot depends on position needs but in a vacuum I'd rather have Alonso and Rosario because you're giving up more production than you're getting, but it's close. If you have surplus 1B/OF and need 3B than this might be a good trade.
  13. I could but none are much of a step better, if at all. He has Folty, Freeland, Gausman, and Trevor Williams
  14. Yea it was slim pickens when Stanton went down and Frazier happened to get called up, but probably not gonna get the AB's I need. Still trying to gauge who would be best to add from waiver wire but I'm highest on Franmil, Winker, or Verdugo if he could get more AB's. I mostly have Posey because with his 1B eligibility, my C and 1B spots are more flexible with Mejia and Voit getting a lot of off days, at least until Olson comes back. I appreciate the feedback