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  1. Doesn't using K's as a cat encourage endless streaming vs drafting quality pitching? Are you open to using K/9 instead?
  2. We need some new owners this year for our unique,Yahoo deep league. Take note that we play double positions which allows us to use players from both leagues and yet prevents each team from fielding a roster of All-Stars. This is something we've been doing for years and it works great. Check the settings on the link above to make sure this league is right for you before joining. At a glance, these are the roster positions: Catcher (C): 2 First Base (1B): 2 Second Base (2B): 2 Third Base (3B): 2 Shortstop (SS): 2 Outfield (OF): 6 All Batters (Util): 1 Starters (SP): 7 Relievers (RP): 3 Bench (BN): 3 You will also have 5 DL slots to nurse bumps and bruises along with 1 NA slot for that hot shot minor league player you're waiting to be called up. Lastly, we are ending the series this year on September 1st so as not to interfere with the start of the NFL season. If you're looking for a competitive but fun league, this is it.