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  1. dooes he ever get cold?-in 13 inning game tonight Nataniel Lowe got 7 at bats- got on base 6 times-went 2 for 3 with double and 4 walks-seeing on top that his numbers r better then i even thought this year-to have a 190 wrc+ in A+ and 188 wrc+ in double a is really amazing-hes still on waiver in my league-im grabbing tonight
  2. so here we go again...the Rockies just wont play Hampson everyday-all they need to do is look at his milb track record and they will see that he needs to play daily to get going and get in the zone but once he gets going, hes one of the most consistent hitters-on top of it the rockies only made one move at the dealine...a trade for a mediocre releiver instead of dumping their deadweight-they deserve everything they have coming to them...shame on them
  3. U are right on the money JFS-couldnt Havre sais it better myself
  4. It is frustrating jake-I too really like their young core of hitters in rockees farm-they end up stagnating in the minors which leads to prospect fatigue and decreased value
  5. In love with him-its only a matter of time before he truly breaks out-the 3 prospects that are I want more then anyone are Ronald Acuna, Vlad Jr and Yordan Alvarez-my dynasty leagues trade deadline is coming up tonight and im making dozens of offers to another team that has yordan alvrez, acuna and forrest whitley-my teams pretty awful this year but im offering everything for them especially acuna since im expecting him to be the top fantasy player for years to come in every category but this guy wont give them up when for a deal that includes current great players get yordan while you can-superstar in the making
  6. Just turned 18 year old Nationals SS Luis Garcia promoted to Potomac yesterday-been very impressed with that kids composure-seemed like he was gonna hit a wall going into may and then turned it right back on-kid should be watched closely, could very well end up a stud in no time with his plus hit tool and plus plus speed with very nice raw power.
  7. my gf and ii came to visit NM for her job interview-we went to the ABQ game today and Hampson is extremely impressive watching in person-went 3 for 4 with a 2runHR today and is now up to .321 avg remember watching a young adam eaton in ari system @visalia and gotta say that hampson completely reminds me of him hitting wise-hampson actually seems to have a better hit tool then eaton in the minors but they are both grinders yet patient and I could only hope hampson stays healthy in the majors
  8. have him in my minors-concerned with the drop in his k rate,-with the heat he throws iwould have figured hed be a big k guy-still have huge hope for him tho minus the marlins
  9. Jake bro-great tout on Hiraldo! ithought was familiar on most of the high upside international prospects but hadnt heard of miguel hirado-kid is demolishing the DSL! he seems to be an extra base hitting machine and looks to have legit power to go with his incredible hit tool-luv the fact that he has as many walks as strikeouts all over this kid now-picked him up in my dynasty this morning-
  10. Oh boy did Whitley look great again tonight-I was writing down each pitch I saw him throw and he threw 5, a high-90s ++4 seam fastball, ++curveball, +slider, flashed +changeup and a naaasty +cutter (which he doesn't throw much ive read but its a seriously nasty cutter). and he commanded them all like a boss-imo, whitley has the highest ceiling in the minors-the way he controls his body is incredible, usually tall lanky pitchers have trouble keeping their arms and legs in sync but Whitley has zero problems doing that. at only 20 [I believe hes 20 or 21], to have pretty much 5 plus pitches along with plus command and control is really something else and even more so from a kid thats 6'7-ive been throwin endless offers to land him in my dynasty league but the owner just refuses to part with him
  11. Promoted from A+ straight to AAA-a lot to like with him-still holding on to hope that he develops power-white has a plus hit tool/plus speed/double plus elite defender-hope he rakes in Tacoma he struggled to start the season in A+ but turned it on once he got into a groove-like above poster dirtywater said, hes not flashy but has a really good approach
  12. I have a question for the veteran stat guys here-i have always bin going to fangraphs to see pitchers advanced stats like Helsleys but they don't show swstr% for the pitchers there-is there another site that shows advanced stats especially one that shows swstr%-thanks
  13. oh duh-guessing I should have gotten that. my ad blockers on my phones browser blocks some images instead too-didnt see the pic of him in the post
  14. apologies-can you be a bit more specific please?im guessing 60 grade power-who is moustache? I apologize again-tnx
  15. 5 more games and he's back-hopefully he gets a start shortly after and its not like some cases where its a week or two before he gets a start-can't wait any longer-whitley is insane