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  1. Hello all, I joined a new dynasty league this year, and it is a great league, but I have decided to quit the league because of personal problems. The cost of getting into the league is $50 dollars which is what I am asking for my current team. Here is the link to the proboards. http://5toolbaseball1.proboards.com/ Here is the link to the league spreadsheet. My team is named 831 Pookas https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-ekCZyjhMOp4lEW_phyuxPMvQgMfvi8FEqmuUyyKmmU/edit#gid=0 My email is chaselloydjones@gmail.com
  2. Sounds awesome. Email me at chaselloydjones@gmail.com
  3. How much money is it? Email me at chaselloydjones@gmail.com